How to Accelerate & Fund SaaS-Startups w/ Johan Crona (Cloud Capital)

Friday, November 4, 2022, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM UTC

Welcome to our fireside chat with Johan Crona, Founder and Managing Partner at Cloud Capital that provides non-dilutive growth capital for SaaS companies.

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About this event

What is the common growth factor in &frankly, Scrive, Kognity, Storykit and several other successful SaaS startups?

The answer is: Cloud Capital!

Founded in 2017 by Johan Crona, who previously led early-stage SaaS-investments at Almi Invest, Cloud Capital is on a mission to partner with strong entrepreneurs that are seeking a stable and knowledgeable co-shareholder to be an active partner during upcoming growth phase. It is a private investment company with a totally flexible mandate to engage in SaaS-companies depending on what's the best in each situation.

In this fireside chat we discuss:

⭐️ What's the state of SaaS industry in the Nordics / Sweden?

⭐️ What are common challenges involved in scaling a SaaS startup?

⭐️ How should SaaS founders approach funding and startup valuation, especially with long-term in mind?

⭐️ Why did Johan start Cloud Capital - what's the mission, what gap it filles in the market?

⭐️ What type of startups Cloud Capital works with (stage, team, geography)?

⭐️ Why is it important to retain control of business as a startup?

⭐️ Why is hyper-growth not the only focus for Cloud Capital?

⭐️ What were the key learning points from Breakit Saas Summit 2022?

⭐️ Audience Q&A and open-mic!

The discussion will be moderated by Naimul Abd, Business Advisor & Partnerships Lead at Coompanion Stockholm, serial impact entrepreneur, Regional Director Nordics at the Founder Institute, and Director Startup Grind Stockholm.

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  • Johan Crona

    Cloud Capital

    Founder & Managing Partner


  • Naimul Abd

    Founder (Nutty Ventures)

    Regional Director Nordics (Startup Grind)


  • Naimul Abd

    Startup Grind

    Regional Director Nordics Startup Grind