How to Raise Funds When You're Out of Investor Intros w/ OpenVC

Fri, Oct 21, 2022, 12:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

As a startup, you are constantly raising money and as an investor you are always on the lookout for bold and ambitious ideas.

How do we make the two sides meet without unnecessary information or invitations overload?

Welcome to our fireside chat with Stéphane Nasser, Founder of OpenVC, a database of VC firms sorted by investment thesis that won #1 Product of the Month on Product Hunt and is currently clocking at 4400+ VCs.

In this fireside chat we discuss:

⭐️ What's the best way to contact VCs?

⭐️ How should you present your startup idea to a VC?

⭐️ What level / depth of information is optimal for a first outreach / pitch?

⭐️ What's the big idea behind OpenVC?

⭐️ How does it work for startups? Can any startup just get in?

⭐️ How do investors get relevant deal flow and not a flood of pitches?

⭐️ OpenVC itself is a startup - what's the feeling like of building a startup for all the startups out there? 

⭐️ Stéphane Nasser is known for his incisive feedback on startup pitches - what can founders learn from him?

⭐️ Audience Q&A and open-mic!

The discussion will be moderated by Naimul Abd, Business Advisor & Partnerships Lead at Coompanion Stockholm, serial impact entrepreneur, Regional Director Nordics at the Founder Institute, and Director Startup Grind Stockholm.


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