#KeepTheTalent: Deportation of Skilled Talent in Sweden

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Sweden is draining international talent. Companies are losing valuable team members because of deportations due to minor mistakes. This has been the case for more than 3 years, with many organizations getting involved, yet very little has changed. What can we do to stand by talent?

Aniel Bhaga is a Business Developer at H&M Group and driving passion projects on a side as Head of Marketing at Venue and Marketing Manager of Startup Grind Stockholm. After coming to Sweden from Australia 6 years ago, he has worked in digital transformation & marketing at companies including Electrolux, Telia, Nova, Flic, Ungapped, Nyden and H&M.

Two days ago (October 9th) he received a letter from Migrationsdomstolen with a decision about deportation and a request to leave Sweden within 5 weeks.

Aniel is not a single case. According to Diversify’s survey in February 2019, 22% of respondents are awaiting court decisions. These are the people who are caught in the system from the danger zone of 2015-2018 when Supreme Court Rulings went back and forth and eventually the 4-party agreement was signed by the government stating that in 2021 there will be a special visa for Talent. But 2021 is too far away, Aniel needs a visa now.

What can we do to stand by Aniel? What can companies do to stand by their Talent?

Workers, employers, unions, organizations. If you are serious about your Talent, tell us how we can #KeepTheTalent together.

Let’s open the conversation. See you on October 25th when we meet in central Stockholm to learn how to #KeepTheTalent. 

Watch more: https://youtu.be/1TT0elKLet4


  • Resad Zacina - Co-founder of Ministry of Programming, building Swedish startup scene from Sarajevo.
  • Matt Kriteman - Chief Operations Officer of Diversify Foundation.
  • Suzan Hourieh Lindberg - CEO of The Social Few
  • Pia Lind - Owner of Lind Juristbyrå




  • Matt Kriteman

    Matt Kriteman

    Diversify Foundation

    Chief Operations Officer


Friday, Oct 25
5:45 PM - 8:00 PM (CEST)


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Malmskillnadsgatan 32 Stockholm111 57

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