Scaling Social Impact w/ Tove Nordström (Executive Director, SE Forum)

May 7, 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Welcome to our fireside chat on building resilient social impact ventures and non-profits with the Executive Director of SE Forum, Tove Nordström

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Fireside Chat

About this event

The world needs meaningful solutions and social enterprises, social impact ventures, and non-profits play a crucial role in this.

However, they struggle with scaling their business and as a result their impact. Why?

For all the social entrepreneurs in the Nordics and beyond, we have invited Tove Nordström, the Executive Director of SE Forum - a leading social impact mobilization organization from Sweden - to discuss how to build and scale resilient social ventures and non-profits.

In this fireside chat we focus on:

⭐️ Social entrepreneurship vs. entrepreneurship - what's the difference?

⭐️ What makes a social enterprise or impact venture unique?

⭐️ What common challenges these ventures encounter?

⭐️ If you are a social entrepreneur, what is and where is your support ecosystem?

⭐️ What is your long-term game as a social entrepreneur? In startups, it is an exit - what's the end reward for a social entrepreneur?

⭐️ Scaling social ventures - how to make it happen?

⭐️ How to raise funding for social impact?

⭐️ Who is best equipped to run a social impact venture?

The discussion will be moderated by Naimul Abd - Regional Director Nordics at Startup Grind, CEO at Connect East, and Nordic head for Founder Institute, Nutty Ventures, and Founders Live.

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  • Tove Nordström

    SE Forum

    Executive Director


  • Naimul Abd

    Startup Grind

    Regional Director Nordics Startup Grind

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