Startup Grind Nordics Regional Summit | Building & Fundraising in Turbulence

Mar 22, 2023, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Welcome to Startup Grind Nordics inaugural Regional Startup Summit for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Startup Ecosystem Builders.

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About this event

Welcome to Startup Grind Nordics inaugural Regional Startup Summit for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Startup Ecosystem Builders.

In this All-Day (digital) Regional Summit we connect you with the Nordic and Global startup ecosystems for best practices in startup building and raising funding as the global economy and VC funding pass through unprecedented turbulent times.

AGENDA (CET / Stockholm Time)

10:00 Welcome by Regional Director Nordics, Startup Grind (Naimul Abd)

10:10 Keynote Addresses

- Pär Hedberg, Founder & CEO Sting

- Linus Dahg, CEO / Managing Partner Inventure

- Jessica Rameau, Partner & Fund Manager Wellstreet

- Thomas Bigagli, Partner EMEA Ventures Plug and Play

- Mikael Angesjö, General Manager Nordics Crowdcube

11:00 Panel: Startup Fundraising in the Nordics

- Max Samuel, Partner SNÖ Ventures

- Ragnheidur Magnúsdóttir, Founder & Chair of Board Nordic Ignite

- Andreas Grape, Founder & CEO, Nordic Angels

- Axel Bruzelius, Co-Founder & COO Ark Kapital

- Arne Tonning, Partner Alliance VC

12:00 Panel: Supporting Startups in the Nordics

- Nea Harjanne, CEO KIUAS

- Josephine Benzie, Networks Lead Maria01

- Enrique Montaño, CEO Nordic Startup Ventures

- Teemu Seppälä, Startups Soft-Landing Lead Business Helsinki

13:00 Nordic Ecosystem Spotlights

- Bala Kamallakharan, Founder Startup Iceland

- Martine Mæland, Project Manager Startup Oslo Business Region

- Jakob Lindmark Frier, Head of Communications Digital Hub Denmark

- Vaido Mikheim, Deep Tech Project Lead Startup Estonia

14:00 Highlights from Startup Grind Global Network

- Shahar Matorin, Country Manager Startup Grind Israel

- Patrycja Maksymowicz, Chapter Director Startup Grind Leeds & Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

- Corey Hart, Chapter Director Startup Grind Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area, US

- Mo Salah, Chapter Director Startup Grind Muscat

14:30 Pitching Best Practices for Your Startup

- Startup Pitching Fundamentals w/ Andrew Hennigan, Pitching Expert & Speaker Coach TEDxStockholm

- Global Pitching Landscape w/ Nick Hughes, Founder & CEO Founders Live

- Pitching your Startup in Sweden w/ Mehkar Sheikh, Regional Manager (East) Venture Cup Sweden


- Building a startup? Join and learn best practices & make connections.

- Working with or investing in startups? Join and find founders to support on our live chat.

- Want to share your startup building & fundraising experience? Get in touch to speak.

See you at the Summit!

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  • Pär Hedberg


    Founder & CEO

  • Linus Dahg


    Managing Partner / CEO

  • Jessica Rameau


    Partner & Fund Manager

  • Thomas Bigagli

    Plug and Play Ventures

    Partner EMEA Ventures

  • Mikael Angesjö


    General Manager Nordics

  • Max Samuel

    SNÖ Ventures


  • Ragnheidur Magnúsdóttir

    Nordic Ignite

    Founder & Chair of Board

  • Andreas Grape

    Nordic Angels

    Founder & CEO

  • Axel Bruzelius

    Ark Kapital

    Co-Founder & COO

  • Arne Tonning

    Alliance VC


  • Nea Harjanne



  • Josephine Benzie


    Networks Lead

  • Enrique Montaño

    Nordic Startup Ventures


  • Teemu Seppälä

    Business Helsinki

    Startups Soft-Landing Lead

  • Bala Kamallakharan

    Startup Iceland


  • Martine Mæland

    Oslo Business Region

    Project Leader Startup

  • Jakob Lindmark Frier

    Digital Hub Denmark

    Head of Communications

  • Vaido Mikheim

    Startup Estonia

    Deep Tech Project Lead

  • Shahar Matorin

    Startup Grind

    Country Director

  • Patrycja Maksymowicz

    Open Solutions Global / London Business Academy

    Founder & CEO

  • Mo Salah

    Startup Grind Oman + Jordan

    Country Manager

  • Corey Hart

    Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

  • Andrew Hennigan

    Pitching Expert

  • Nick Hughes

    Founders Live

    Founder & CEO

  • Mehkar Sheikh

    Venture Cup Sweden

    Regional Manager East