The Future of Work & Workplaces w/ Charlotte Ekelund (Teemyco)

Sep 30, 2022, 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Welcome to our fireside chat with Charlotte Ekelund, Co-Founder & CEO of Teemyco - an online platform that provides you with your own office, virtually.

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About this event

As the world enters the post-pandemic state, the big question on the minds of companies and employees is: what will the future of work & workplaces look like? Remote is the default option for many, while some companies make a push for hybrid, and still others negotiate their terms for a physical return. 

Since digital workplaces are here to stay, how can companies create positive work experience digitally in terms of communication, collaboration, and (even) happiness? 

Welcome to our fireside chat with Charlotte Ekelund, Co-Founder & CEO of Teemyco - an online platform that provides you with your own office, virtually.

In this fireside chat we discuss:

⭐️ Where are we headed: what does the future of work look like?

⭐️ What are the common struggles of working remotely: as companies and as employees?

⭐️ Can you mix the analogue and digital work experiences together?

⭐️ What's the biggest pain point when it comes to working digitally?

⭐️ How do you replicate physical experiences like taking a break, having a fika?

⭐️ How did Teemyco idea start? What were some of the early struggles?

⭐️ How did the team go about raising money and building collaborations?

⭐️ Which markets or corporate sectors have been most receptive to the idea?

⭐️ How does the market look right now for the product?

⭐️ What is Charlotte's advice to startup founders especially in SaaS and Digital Working spaces?

⭐️ Audience Q&A and open-mic!

The discussion will be moderated by Naimul Abd, Business Advisor & Partnerships Lead at Coompanion Stockholm, serial impact entrepreneur, Regional Director Nordics at the Founder Institute, and Director Startup Grind Stockholm.

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  • Charlotte Ekelund


    Co-Founder & CEO


  • Naimul Abd

    Founder Nutty Ventures

    CEO Connect Öst


  • Naimul Abd

    Startup Grind

    Regional Director Nordics Startup Grind


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