[New retail trends] How can restaurants and the transportation industry find growth opportunities in the shadow of the pandemic <Main Language:Mandarin>

Wed, Apr 29, 2020, 7:00 PM (CST)

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[New retail trend] 

How can restaurants and the transportation industry find growth opportunities in the shadow of the pandemic 


With the current impact of COVID-19 around the world, the economic systems of many countries have been affected terribly due to city closures. Small restaurants are facing operational difficulties as the number of people who go out to eat has been decreasing. Food suppliers have therefore had to move many offline processes online. The conveniences of food delivery and take-out platforms have helped make up the shortfall of walk-in customers for small- and medium-sized businesses. In order to maintain social distancing, restaurants have also had to re-distribute seating, resulting in a drop in restaurant capacity. This has had a strong impact on the catering industry in general.

Every time the epidemic prevention policies are upgraded, government restrictions increase the cost of operation for restaurants. Every affected store is therefore on the lookout for new approaches for sustainable and stable operations during such times.

In April 2020, Startup Grind Taipei will be doing a live broadcast for the first time. It is an honour to invite GOGOVAN Hong Kong’s Business Development Manager, Miriam Wang, to analyze the current situation, and how food delivery/take-out platforms that maintain innovative energy can cooperate with restaurants, as well as how to help restaurants in other localities survive during this period of uncertainty.

Before joining GOGOVAN, Miriam was a member of the core team at FoodPanda in its first stage, in charge of supply chain management and restaurant co-creation. Later on, with her e-commerce experience at PChome, GOGOVAN became a pioneer in the transportation industry. In this hour-long Startup Grind fireside chat, Miriam will share her views on the industry, and the challenges and opportunities for cooperation at retail.


2020年四月份Startup Grind Taipei首次以直播的方式,很榮幸的邀請到現任香港GOGOVAN新創公司在台灣的BD Miriam來分析現況,保持創新能量的外帶/外送平台如何與餐廳合作,一起協助各地餐廳度過這波的不確定。