Georgian Harvard Graduate Pioneering Artificial Intelligence, Fireside Chat with Archil Cheishvili

About this event

Archil Cheishvili first gained attention in Georgian media when was accepted to the highly-competitive undergraduate program at Harvard University. But his startup education began many years before. He fell in love with business at a young age, and sold his first business at 18 for a high return.  After this he was hooked and has started businesses from hospitality to artificial intelligence. 

His first US company Palatine Analytics received seed investment from multiple sources including a New York Accelerator and VC and widespread publicity for their analysis of gender bias in the workplace. It also produced a 75% accuracy rate, which is unheard of in their industry. 

Currently, he is CEO and founder of GenesisAI, a Boston-based decentralized marketplace for Artificial Intelligence services. 

Archil has received multiple awards in the field of AI and has been recognized by Fox News, Yahoo Finance, and many others.



Wednesday, Apr 4
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (+04)


Ilia State University Ballroom, Room 201, Building A
32 Chavchavadze Tbilisi0179

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