Scaling and Selling Startups. Fireside Chat with Lowell Ricklefs of Traction Advising

About this event

Lowell is the Managing Partner at Traction Advising M&A. He is a mentor at Techstars in Seattle.

Prior to this, Lowell was the CEO of Flexminder (sold to JellyVision), an exciting and fast growing company in Seattle that automates costly manual healthcare reimbursement processes (a $190B problem in the US). While selling FlexMinder he became aware of a hole in the marketplace where investment bankers were not interested in helping founder/CEO's sell their companies ($5M-$30M valuation) so he started doing it himself. As a seasoned F500 leaders, he brings energy and integrity, and the ability to quickly and aggressively scale a business.

As COO of Toluna, Lowell transformed the organization into a global leader and #1 fastest growing company in France; in a four year period he increased revenues from $15 M to $120 M. He also served in executive roles in sales, operations and strategy.



Saturday, May 25
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (+04)


34 Irakli Abashidze Tbilisi0179

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