Startup Grind Europe-Asia Connect

Dec 10 - 12, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT+4)

About this event

Imagine having 100 top startup speakers at your fingertips;

Startup leaders from 30+ countries to exchange the experience with;

And a startup competition that involves Silicon Valley investors and a shot of a $1,000,000 global prize!

Many of you attended SG Europe-Asia Connect last year and you remember the cool speakers, the great energy in the crowd, and maybe some useful connection you made.

This year’s online format opens the door to amazing speakers who don’t have time to fly to Georgia such as a VC with the first investment in Zoom and someone who helped grow the most valuable company in the world,

Get ready to learn from the great entrepreneurs in the crowd, perhaps get an enhanced networking ticket to make more valuable contacts. Or aim high and take as shot at the world stage in our Startup Showcase & Competition.

There has never been a better time for people from emerging markets to step onto the world stage. Take your shot at learning, connecting, and creating value!



NOKA is a cashierless technology designed for the supermarkets, grocery and convenience stores. The innovative technology allows the shoppers to take the products from the shelves and simply pay with the card at an exit, without the cashiers and scanning the products. Take and Pay. No Cashiers. No Scan. No Lines.


Adservio is the educational management platform that helps schools be more efficient and increase its engagement with students, parents and public authorities. With it, teachers spend less time on bureaucracy and more on the education process. Students develop autonomy in their education and their parents can monitor their evolution in real-time. Plus, authorities have an overview over the schools


Jobful uses a gamification framework to map candidates' needs, Artificial Intelligence to drive operational excellence for the recruitment team and process redesign to fill the gaps and fix talent acquisition. Jobful Career Platform is an end-to-end customizable and gamified SaaS Solution that helps companies to attract, engage, upskill and hire the right professionals.


3-Minute Performance Testing. No bullshit. Rungutan runs tests so you don't have to break a sweat!

Digital payment system for businesses to easily process transactions worldwide and convert received funds into their local currency.

Imagery Ward

Copyright Lockbox with image recognition, copyright registration, management and authorship protection toolset. Best for image content creators: photographers, illustrators, designers as they can publish, register their commercial works, check authenticity, and track further publications via AI and Blockchain.


Termoline is a innovative design&build company with a strong expertise on renewable energy. The company's research team developed new innovative products and technologies that were implemented on the market. Energy geostructures that include energy piles developed by our team provide renewable and reliable green energy solutions that opens an blue ocean market for our company.

WATTO Stations

Building a network of Ultra-Fast Charging stations for private and commercial electric vehicles, just the same.


An all-in-One Workforce Administration and Activity Planning platform, solving management control and planning visibility issues in service based industries. An employee self-service and process automation platform for SMEs, it differentiates by providing management visibility on Capacity, Staff Utilization & Project Performance, Country Regulatory compliance and integrates outsourcing companies

Travel Guide

Travel Guide is a Global Travel platform, helping users to plan trips easily and quickly. Using innovative technologies, the company offers a full package of services, which help users to buy tours online. The main purpose of the company is to develop the tourism sector by introducing innovative technologies. Travel Guide is a platform for Influencers as well


StartGDPR is an AI digital expert for automatically generating the GDPR required documentation, personalised and ready to use, in a quick, safe and guided way. StartGDPR is specifically designed by lawyers and software engineers to enable freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises(SME) to implement GDPR in an efficient and secure manner. Our solution fits the requirements of your business.


IziDoc is a platform of dental benefits for employees that helps them improve their oral health by making access to the dentist easier and more attractive, through information, free services and discounts and dental education. We aim to increase oral health degree throughout Eastern Europe and not only, through technology enhanced access.


Qandle is an online professional education marketplace, that allows individual educators to conduct online courses via live video calls.


RealtyFeed is a new, disruptive PropTech product, uniting all the players of the real estate industry in the virtual world. This social media platform welcomes Generation Z of Realtors and serves the industry in a B2B2C model. RealtyFeed creates new experiences based on AI and machine learning and offers an online presence for real estate professionals never seen before.


B1G1 is a global giving initiative run by a Social Enterprise based in Singapore. It helps businesses embed giving right into the heart of their everyday activities. B1G1 makes business giving easy, and meaningful. It focuses on connecting small-to-medium-size businesses with more than 500 carefully selected high-impact giving projects. B1G1 is a global giving initiative run by a Social Enterprise


Kompra is the search system for official government websites, and it uses only legal data about companies and citizens. Economic security specialists use the service to check the reliability of counterparties and business partners (82+ indicators). Also, they analyze affiliations, past changes, and track current risks. There is an option to integrate Kompra's API to the internal company services.


Buying a house without visiting it first might sound strange. Getting one before it is even built — downright crazy. APIO Digital is ready to shake up the real estate industry with next-generation technology and step up the game. They saw this opportunity, took it, and built a premium software that makes this whole process personal and immersive by creating a digital twin of a residence.

Flora Maternity

Flora Maternity is a femtech startup that develops cutting-edge technological solutions for prenatal health. Our main service is Flora Pregnancy App that turns the difficulty of following pregnancy guidelines into a beautiful and simple gamified experience, taking care both of physical and mental health of pregnant women.

Asset Direct

LoanConnect, our personal loan search engine enables partners to add a turnkey personal loan solution to their platform while also offering an avenue for bank partners to monetize their declined applicants through our network. Our API-driven platform uses AI & machine learning to connect lenders with appropriate customers, either via direct lender API connection or hosting underwriting scoring.


SaaS medical software for managing private clinics.


We help to make data collection flexible, calling process faster, better organized and less time consuming with Diflex call solution.


  • Guy Kawasaki

    Guy Kawasaki

    Canva, ex-Apple

    Chief Evangelist

    See Bio
  • Steve Blank

    Steve Blank

    Stanford University

    Adjunct Professor

    See Bio
  • Bill Tai

    Bill Tai

    Treasure Data

    Venture Capitalist, Co-founder and Chairman

    See Bio
  • Kelly Uphoff

    Kelly Uphoff


    VP of Content and Marketing Data Science & Engineering

    See Bio
  • Angelo Del Priore

    Angelo Del Priore

    HP Tech Ventures


    See Bio
  • Justin Hwa

    Justin Hwa


    Head of Commerce Innovations & General Manager

    See Bio
  • Anna Maj

    Anna Maj

    Truffle Capital

    Senior Advisor

    See Bio
  • Gideon Marks

    Gideon Marks

    Google for Startups Accelerator

    Anchor Mentor

    See Bio
  • Zaza Pachulia

    Zaza Pachulia



    See Bio
  • Carolina Pinart

    Carolina Pinart


    Director, New Generation Technologies

    See Bio
  • Andres (Andy) Schabelman

    Andres (Andy) Schabelman


    Airbnb, Fiverr

    See Bio
  • Sanjit Singh Dang

    Sanjit Singh Dang

    U First Capital, ex-Intel Capital

    Co-founder and Chairman

    See Bio
  • Deborah Magid

    Deborah Magid

    IBM Venture Capital Group

    See Bio
  • Sheel Mohnot

    Sheel Mohnot

    500 Startups Fintech Fund


    See Bio
  • Tim Wagner

    Tim Wagner

    Founder Partner

    Momentum Engine

    See Bio
  • Zachery Coelius

    Zachery Coelius

    Coelius Capital


    See Bio
  • Peter Komorník

    Peter Komorník



    See Bio
  • Derek Andersen

    Derek Andersen

    Startup Grind

    Founder & CEO

    See Bio
  • Fang Yuan

    Fang Yuan

    Baidu Ventures

    Director of Investments

    See Bio
  • Ted Schilowitz

    Ted Schilowitz

    Paramount Pictures


    See Bio
  • Chris Burry

    Chris Burry



    See Bio
  • Scott Rafer

    Scott Rafer



    See Bio
  • Stewart Rogers

    Stewart Rogers

    Grit Daily

    Managing Editor

    See Bio
  • Marvin Liao

    Marvin Liao

    Game Groove Capital


    See Bio
  • Bill Reichert

    Bill Reichert

    Pegasus Tech Ventures


    See Bio
  • Amy Peck

    Amy Peck


    Founder & CEO

    See Bio
  • George Arison

    George Arison


    Founder & CEO

    See Bio
  • Luke Kowalski

    Luke Kowalski


    Vice President

    See Bio
  • Martins Sulte

    Martins Sulte


    CEO and Founder

    See Bio
  • Tamaz Giorgadze

    Tamaz Giorgadze


    Founder, CEO

    See Bio
  • Paul Bragiel

    Paul Bragiel

    Bragiel Brothers

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

    See Bio
  • Audrey Kania

    Audrey Kania

    Trance, ex-WPT

    Advisory Board Member

    See Bio
  • Oussama Amar

    Oussama Amar



    See Bio
  • Jessie Mooberry

    Jessie Mooberry

    Flight Safety Foundation

    Senior Technology and Innovation Advisor

    See Bio
  • Keith Grose

    Keith Grose


    Head of International

    See Bio
  • Alvin Wang Graylin

    Alvin Wang Graylin


    China Presidet

    See Bio
  • Steve Adelman

    Steve Adelman

    Nexus Partners

    Founder & Managing Director

    See Bio
  • Jesus Lozano

    Jesus Lozano

    EU4Digital, European Commission

    Senior Expert

    See Bio
  • Margot Schmorak

    Margot Schmorak


    CEO and Co-Founder

    See Bio
  • Dusan Stojanovic

    Dusan Stojanovic

    True Global Ventures

    Founding Partner

    See Bio
  • Dmitry Kudrenko

    Dmitry Kudrenko


    See Bio
  • Chien Lee

    Chien Lee

    SparkAmplify Inc

    CEO and Founder

    See Bio
  • Phong Dao

    Phong Dao


    CEO & Co-Founder

    See Bio
  • David Emerson

    David Emerson

    Harvard Business School Angels

    Selection Committee

    See Bio
  • Ken Singer

    Ken Singer

    UC Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurship

    Managing Director

    See Bio
  • Andrew Pietra

    Andrew Pietra


    Founder & CEO

    See Bio
  • Sebastian Stamm

    Sebastian Stamm

    Fluxunit - OSRAM Ventures

    Investment Manager

    See Bio
  • Paul Dunn

    Paul Dunn

    B1G1: Business for Good


    See Bio
  • Gela Barshovi

    Gela Barshovi


    Tax Advisor and Managing Partner

    See Bio
  • Ryan Costello

    Ryan Costello


    Chief Strategy Officer

    See Bio
  • Andrew Thornhill

    Andrew Thornhill


    Fintech entrepreneur, lecturer and visionary

    See Bio
  • Amrit Dhir

    Amrit Dhir

    Sidewalk Labs

    Director of Business Development

    See Bio
  • Christine Tsai

    Christine Tsai

    500 Startups

    CEO and Founding Partner at 500 Startups

    See Bio
  • Luke Szyrmer

    Luke Szyrmer

    Launch Tomorrow

    Founder & CEO

    See Bio
  • Mikheil Tsiklauri

    Mikheil Tsiklauri

    Apple Inc.

    Tech Lead

    See Bio
  • Chelsea Rustrum

    Chelsea Rustrum

    Sharers Talks


    See Bio
  • Pavle Mgeladze

    Pavle Mgeladze


    Business Lead - ML/AI Unit at World Wide Return & ReCommerce

    See Bio
  • Marian Gazdik

    Marian Gazdik

    Startup Grind | IPM Growth

    Director | Partner

    See Bio
  • Casey Fenton

    Casey Fenton


    CEO & Founder

    See Bio
  • Mariam Lashkhi

    Mariam Lashkhi


    Deputy Chairperson

    See Bio
  • Mariam Grdzelishvili

    Mariam Grdzelishvili

    Georgian National Tourism Administration

    Advisor to the Head

  • Catarina Bjorlin Hansen

    Catarina Bjorlin Hansen


    Regional Director, Caucasus

    See Bio
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