We are hosting Giorgi Laliashvili (Co-founder https://getstack.app) #AWSMentorshipMonth

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Learnings from the front lines:

STACK, A Georgian Startup’s Experience with Investors, Events, Marketing & Customer Love in the Face of Pandemic

Like all good startup stories Stack’s beings with a pain point. The founders were working on another startup and they realized their browser really was not up to the job. It simply didn’t do what they needed. That is when Stack was created: a next-generation internet launchpad.

Fast forward and their team has relocated to the Netherlands and they have been to US, UK, and beyond talking with potential investors, being finalists at Startup Grind UK and US startup program competitions, and finding customers in many countries.

They have grappled with how to get users, how to get funding, and what to do when the investor they were counting on closed because of the pandemic & recession.

It’s an inspiring and exciting story, and it will make you proud to see how this Georgian startup is growing despite challenges, and being resilient in their quest to create a great product and grow a great company.

Anyone serious about growing a startup should join us to hear the lessons Stack has learned, and to be there to support them in these hard times! 

About Stack: 

Stack is a next-generation internet launchpad that makes web application multitasking easier by allowing simultaneous use of multiple apps within a clean and organized working environment and immersive split-screen view.


1. TechCrunch Top Pick of Disrupt Berlin 2018

2. YCombinator Startup School Graduate - Class 2017




Thursday, Apr 23
9:00 PM - 11:00 PM (+04)

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