Redefining Crypto Economy - an unusual perspective by Eli Reifman

Tel Aviv
June 26, 2018 / 6:00 PM

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Our June event will dive into the story of success and failure as told by Eli Reifman, a man who made a huge personal sacrifice for his company. Reifman founded a company that, at its peak, was worth 8 Billion USD but almost collapsed during the 2008 recession. He fought buyout attempts and poured all his money into the company, which meant breaking some regulations. In this process which saved his company and employees, he lost all his money, was convicted for breaking the law, and was sent to jail for four years. Now, Reifman will join Startup Grind to discuss the future of blockchain, new perspectives of market potential for cryptocurrencies, and some of the mysteries behind the future of the economy. This incredible story will generate knowledge and understanding in situations where entrepreneurs must create boundaries within their goals. For those with interest in the blockchain crypto economy, regulations in this field, or how to build a global company selling B2B solutions this event is perfect for you.


Redefining Crypto Economy - an unusual perspective by Eli Reifman

Eli Reifman

Consultant - Entrepreneur

Eli Reifman (47) is an entrepreneur that had it all (founded and managed an 8 Billion USD company), then lost it all (was convicted by the Israeli courts and was sentenced to four years in prison) and now he is rising to the top again by solving the un-regulated markets of cryptocurrencies.

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Date and Time
June 26, 2018
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
94 Yigal Alon St.
Tel Aviv, 6789139
6:00 pm Networking, Food & Drinks and a Startup Competition
7:00 pm What’s new since our last event?
7:15 pm Interview w/Eli Reifman
8:15 pm More networking, Food & Drinks
9:00 pm Event Wrap-Up

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