Startup Grind Tel Aviv Hosts Rona Segev Gal (TLV Partners)

Tel Aviv
March 13, 2018 / 6:00 PM

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In 2016 Rona was chosen by Forbes magazine as one of the most influential women in Israel. She is considered for years one of the most dominant players in the Israeli VC ecosystem, as an investor and board member in over a dozen companies such as Varonis, Totnago, Skycure, Traiana and more. Today as a general manager in TLV partners, Rona is focused mainly on early stage startups.

In this event, Rona will be sharing with us the stories from her journey to where she is today, what was it like being an entrepreneur and how did she find her self as an investor. But the most interesting thing about Rona, is her perspective towards the relationship between the two - between the entrepreneur and the investor. We’ll give you a hint, it’s all about values, it’s all about giving, friendships and helping others.

Join us this March for another Startup Grind event, you don’t want to miss it.


Startup Grind Tel Aviv Hosts Rona Segev Gal (TLV Partners)

Rona Segev Gal

Founder - TLV Partners

Rona is a founding partner of TLV Partners. She currently focuses on Cloud Computing and Cyber Security. Rona, with her background as an entrepreneur, is a true partner and mentor to many Founders.

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Date and Time
March 13, 2018
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Maklef St 5-7
Tel Aviv, 6107439
6:00 pm Networking, Food & Drinks, Startup competition
7:00 pm What’s new since our last event?
7:15 pm Interview w/Rona Segev Gal
8:15 pm Networking, Food & Drinks
9:00 pm Event wrap-up

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