Startup Grind Ulaanbaatar Hosts Khash-Erdene Oyunbileg

Sep 17, 2020, 8:00 – 10:00 AM

O.Khash-Erdene, the co-founder and CEO of Nest Education (Tech-based high school), will talk about the digitalization of the business environment, required improvements in the education sector, and lastly the future potential of Mongolia in the IT sectors and how Nest H.S plays the right role. This event will be held in Mongolian.

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About this event

The changing business environment around the world due to digitalization is demanding a workforce with a set of technology, entrepreneurial, and software skills.  However, the current educational system globally does not comprise the skills necessary to meet those requirements. To tackle this issue in Mongolia, O.Khash-Erdene along with other entrepreneurs, IT experts and Angel Investors take the first step to help build IT specialists by launching a highschool called Nest Education. The future for the IT sector in Mongolia has great potential and Mr.Khash-Erdene and Nest Education are miles ahead of the competition and prepared to make changes.

For Startup Grind on the 17th of September, Khash-Erdene Oyunbileg will talk about why Mongolia needs to revamp or change the education system in place currently. The problems that we face today has major influences from our education system itself. He will also be talking about his vision and purpose of Nest Education and what they currently achieved and looking to achieve even further down the line. Lastly he will be sharing his opinions on the business environment of the current age and how digitalization is the forefront of business. Nest Education and O.Khash-Erdene have a goal to increase the career choices for young people in the digital era.

This event will be held in Mongolian.

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  • Zolboo Bayarsaikhan

    Chapter Director


  • Purevsuren Byambasuren



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