AI in Blockchain

Vilnius Grand Resort - Ežeraičių kaimas, Ežeraičių g. 2 Vilnius, Lithuania, 14016 Vilnius
Tue, Jul 17, 2018, 6:00 PM (EEST)

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<< Vilnius.AI is part of the global City.AI community network, that aims to bridge local AI related challenges to the ever-expanding network of 50+ cities worldwide.>>

PEER TALKS @ Vilnius AI #2 - AI in Blockchain

I. "Dynamic portfolio in a changing environment"

Šarūnas Raudys - Head of the Data Analysis Department at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics in Vilnius University. Within the department, he is guiding the data mining and artificial neural networks group. His group's research interests include multivariate analysis, statistical pattern recognition, artificial neural networks, data mining methods and biological information processing systems with applications to analysis of technological, economic and biological problems.

II. "Decentralizing AI with deep learning and blockchain"

Dovydas Čeilutka - Deep Learning Instructor | web developer. deep learning models have been the driving force behind the recent spike in popularity of artificial intelligence. These models achieve near-human or even superhuman performance in computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, audio recognition, machine translation and many other tasks. In this presentation, Dovydas will talk about potential applications of the blockchain technologies together with deep learning models to further increase the scope, distribution and performance of artificial intelligence.

III. AI CLINIC a.k.a Q&A session with:

- Indre Bruzgytė

- Šarūnas Raudys

- Dovydas Čeilutka

Moderator: Vytautas Savickas 

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Tuesday, Jul 17
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EEST)


Vilnius Grand Resort
Ežeraičių kaimas, Ežeraičių g. 2 Vilnius, Lithuania14016

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