We are hosting Rytis Lauris (Co-Founder and CEO of Omnisend)

Thursday, October 29, 2020, 3:00 – 4:15 PM UTC

We will go through the interesting story of Rytis working through his way to successful business. You ever wonder what it takes to get their?

About this event

In times we lack motivation to go through a day, once in a while thinking if this is the right place and time for what we are dedicating ourselves. 

Rytis Lauris the co-founder and CEO of Omnisend, the powerful marketing automation platform that’s focused on moving eCommerce marketers beyond the generic email marketing tools. With a mind seemingly crafted for business and an eye to the future, Rytis has gained notoriety within the eCommerce community for his insights on omnichannel and the future of eCommerce. He believes that rich customer data and an omnichannel approach empowers eCommerce businesses to generate more sales by sending highly personalized messages via various channels, including email, SMS, Facebook ads, Google retargeting and others. Omnisend is a bootstrapped business and successful without any additional investments, and has become a top-rated app in the Shopify App store and has been listed in the G2’s selection of the Top 50 Products for Marketers 2019 and the Top 100 Software Companies in EMEA.

As a successful entrepreneur who has spent more than 10 years building and bootstrapping startups and being in the eCommerce field, Rytis discovered eCommerce marketers have very specific needs around automation. Since 2014, Rytis has made it his mission to use Omnisend to help and empower small and medium-sized eCommerce merchants. He has shared his knowledge and expertise in numerous podcasts, such as The Top Entrepreneurs in Money,

Marketing, Business and Life podcast by Nathan Latka and the eCommerce Allstars podcast, and eCommerce conferences, including Litmus Live and Meet Magento.

Today, Rytis has his hands full managing the fastest growing marketing automation platform in the industry, keeping

this innovative tool on the absolute cutting edge of what technology can offer in terms of omnichannel marketing. When he’s not being an omnichannel powerhouse, Rytis can be found bike riding and achieving his personal goal of reading one book a week.

Rytis has a great story to tell - been (co)founding quite a few companies before the Omnisend, so the main question here will be what does it take to get to the point, make a viable idea become a prospering business. 

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