Are NFTs Just A Fad Or Here To Stay?

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Thu, Apr 7, 2022, 6:00 PM (CEST)

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NFTs (nonfungible tokens) are having a moment right now. Tons of digital collectibles have been traded, including Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot, which raked in $1.05 million for just one recent pack of basketball videos, and Everydays: The First 5000 Days, a digital image by artist Mike Winkelmann (aka Beeple), which sold for $69.3 million at high-end auction house Christie’s.

NFT transactions tripled in 2020, reaching more than $250 million, according to the Non-Fungible Tokens 2020 Yearly Report from NonFungible and L’Atelier. And they show no sign of slowing in 2021. But the big money currently being thrown around for single pieces leads to overall misconceptions about the cost and value of NFTs and their place in the market.

Join us on this fireside chat with Mateusz Mach, serial entrepreneur and Director of NFT Marketplace at Kinguin, the world’s first digital marketplace for gamers to discuss the inception and future of NFTs and demystify the subject as much as possible.

Mateusz is a Polish entrepreneur and investor. Founder of the world's first sign language messenger Five App and venture house Nextrope. Finalist in the ranking of the most influential European entrepreneurs at Forbes 30 Under 30.

In 2015, at the age of 17, Mateusz debuted as an entrepreneur when he introduced the Five App startup, enabling deaf people to communicate efficiently using Android- and iOS-based devices.

In 2017, Mach founded a venture house, Nextrope. The company focuses on delivering fintech software to institutional clients and governmental institutions. The firm aims at the decentralization of the music industry by introducing Ethereum-backed utility tokens for users to purchase access to music streaming services. He launched the ICO of OPUS in the Summer of 2017.



Thursday, Apr 7
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Venture Cafe Warsaw
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