Creotech, Nanovo, RBS (Space, Digital Signage)

Future Startup Centre - Al. Jerozolimskie Warsaw, 02-222 Warsaw
Wed, Jun 24, 2015, 6:00 PM (CEST)

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Our speakers will share stories of 2 companies, no longer startups, which developed on a large scale as a result of their hard work and cooperation with big corporations. One of them is a precursor of the Polish space industry, actively involved in its development. The latter is an effect of a merger of two competitors, fighting about the same customers. The result is a key player on the Digital Signage market in Poland. Interesting how the founders of Creotech Instruments was linked with Agency of Industry Development (ARP) and how founders of Nanovo met their first big customer - RBS Global Hub Europe. What has to happen to make the innovation produced by a startup acceptable for a corporation and successful, increasing the comfort of work and effectiveness of teams. The history shows that luck smiles to those who struggle for it, and the result of the competition collision can be a new, unique business. Grzegorz Brona – Assistant Professor at University of Warsaw, former employee of CERN, adviser in the area of IT solutions implementation, MBA graduate in IT projects management. In early 2008 together with two other researchers created  Creotech Instruments Sp. z o.o. in order to enable practical application of their knowledge and experience. The areas in question are advanced electronics and optoelectronics, particularly design and construction of smart digital camerasintended for strictly scientific applications (e.g. in astronomy) and measurement systems based on the solutions of optoelectronics and embedded computer systems, device navigation, acquisition cards and signal processing systems, data transmission systems and other advanced technical equipment. Kuba Głuszkiewicz - founder of Digeon media communications technology company, merged with Nanovo in 2013. Just before that his small startup, providing software for signage projects, was introduced to head of communication in a big financial corporation looking for a professional digital media solution. These available on the market offered by leading suppliers didn't meet requirements. What the startup presented during the meeting a month later became a real innovation, changing work quality of hundreds of employees. This startup was Kuba's Digeon and the corporation was Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Our guests will share best practices about collaboration between innovative startup and mature financial organisation. Darek Sobczak - founder of Nanovo media content communications company, merged with Digeon in 2013. Those two are former competitors (technology vs content) who decided to build together the most competitive interacting solution for Digital Signage projects in Poland - Nanovo Tech & Nanovo Media. Their SIGNIO software and unique competences provides media support in distributed networks targeting retail, transport, hospitality, healthcare and public. Andrzej Pacek - Head of Business Support at Royal Bank of Scotland Global Hub Europe (GHE). Currently responsible for the delivery of company support functions crucial for processes of multiple entities in several countries. The scope includes activities related to strategy implementation, project management, security and technology. His job is to make GHE more attractive place to do the business with and better place to work in. Maciej Jancewicz - Head of Communication at Royal Bank of Scotland Global Hub Europe (GHE). Responsible for strategy of communication with employees. As a result of cooperation with Nanovo Maciej implemented innovative solution for Visual Management. Lean Touch Screen is a system used in digital communication channel and provides corporate information to all employees and selected groups. System built on Signio and Oracle BI is also used as a tool to manage and increase teamwork effectives.



Wednesday, Jun 24
6:00 PM - 11:00 PM (CEST)


Future Startup Centre
Al. Jerozolimskie
02-222 Warsaw

Future Startup Centre
Al. Jerozolimskie Warsaw02-222

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