Going Global - Startup Pitch Session

Aug 3, 2023, 3:00 – 6:00 PM


Venture Cafe, Chmielna 73, Warsaw, 00-801

Get ready for innovation unleashed at our Going Global Startup Pitch Session! 3 top-notch startups will electrify the stage, seeking expert feedback & strategies to skyrocket their ventures. Join us at Venture Cafe Foundation for a networking extravaganza & dive into the future of startups. RSVP now for a FREE event, stay updated & embark on an entrepreneurial journey like never before!

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Get ready for innovation unleashed at our Going Global Startup Pitch Session! 3 top-notch startups will electrify the stage, seeking expert feedback & strategies to skyrocket their ventures. Join us at Venture Cafe Foundation for a networking extravaganza & dive into the future of startups. RSVP now for a FREE event, stay updated & embark on an entrepreneurial journey like never before!

More about our startups:


Introducing LEAP, the trailblazing sports talent discovery and endorsement platform that will revolutionize the world of sports as we know it. With LEAP, we're democratizing sports, smashing barriers, and opening doors for sports enthusiasts and budding talents worldwide.

Imagine a gamified digital arena where everyone gets an equal chance to compete, grow, and bask in the limelight regardless of background or location. LEAP is the gateway for emerging athletes, providing a digital stage to shine, connect with new opportunities, and embrace their passion for sports like never before.

Embracing the power of WEB 3.0, gamification, and immersive video content creation, LEAP sets itself apart from mainstream platforms like Instagram and TikTok. We put kids from around the globe under the spotlight, turning dreams into reality.

LEAP is not just a platform; it's a movement. Leveraging blockchain and Web 3.0, our decentralized digital arena empowers talents worldwide, offering them equal growth opportunities. In the Tournament of Meta-Legends, real-life skills come alive on the digital playground, motivating young athletes to push their boundaries and compete like champions.

But that's not all – we inspire talents to create captivating sports content, expand their digital presence, evolve their skills, and unlock a universe of monetization opportunities through our groundbreaking P2E Game. Yes, playing is winning with LEAP!

With our LEAP Mobile App, we've harnessed the best of social media, gamification, blockchain, and NFTs to provide talents with cutting-edge monetization tools. Gone are the days of missed opportunities; now, every talent can thrive.

LEAP is not just for athletes; it's for explorers too! Our Search & Discovery Engine empowers enthusiasts to track and engage with their favorite sports talents, connecting the world like never before.

Join us in this extraordinary journey where passion meets innovation and talent knows no boundaries. Together, we'll change the game, celebrate sports like never before, and inspire future generations. Welcome to LEAP – where dreams take flight!

Curiosity Robotics

Step into a world of boundless potential with Curiosity Robotics – the revolutionary startup poised to transform early childhood development. Backed by a powerhouse team and pivotal partnerships, we aim to unlock every child's brilliance.

In an age where screens threaten young minds, Curiosity Robotics is a beacon of hope. Our AI-powered, curiosity-based learning experiences shatter the norms, paving the way for lifelong success. Science tells us the early years are paramount, yet technology has yet to seize this golden opportunity – until now.

Meet Aico, our trailblazing creation, igniting a love for learning from cradle to kindergarten. Rooted in the profound pedagogy of Co-Founder Helen Doron, we've crafted the ultimate solution to teach English as a foreign language from as young as 1 year old. Prepare for a head-start like never before.

Our vision wouldn't be complete without a stellar team, from ex. IAF F-16 Squadron Commander Yaron Bul to Prof. Goren Gordon, the Head of Curiosity Lab at Tel-Aviv University, and the visionary Helen Doron herself – we're fueled by expertise and passion.

But that's not all; our backing is unparalleled. With partnerships spanning Helen Doron, Tel-Aviv University, 7bulls – a Polish software superpower, and Taiwan's Nuwa Robotics, we've forged a global alliance that knows no bounds.

Thanks to a Eureka Eurostars EU grant and pre-seed investments, our team of 18 in Israel, Poland, and Taiwan is fully charged to make a difference. Our POC in nurseries and kindergartens across Israel is just the beginning; watch out for sales in Israel, Poland, and Taiwan in 2024.

At the heart of our innovation lies the AI-based Social Emotional Early Learning (SEEL) Engine – agnostic to hardware and primed for endless possibilities. Early music, math, languages, and social skills – we're unlocking them all.

With the English teaching market presenting a multi-billion USD opportunity, we're only scratching the surface. Our dream is grander – to become every parent's first choice for their precious one's brain and skills development.

So join us as we rewrite the story of early childhood education powered by AI, love, and a commitment to building a brighter future—curiosity Robotics – where endless possibilities meet limitless ambition.

Vital Technologies

Introducing Vital Technologies – the pioneers transforming the food tech industry with their groundbreaking micro-encapsulation technology. Unlocking the true potential of natural bio-actives, they're revolutionizing functional wellness in food and beverages like never before.

In a world where functional wellness trends have become our daily mantra, Vital Technologies rises to the challenge. From sports nutrition to immunity and beyond, our well-being objectives align with the choices we make in what we consume.

But here lies the challenge – while natural bio-actives hold the key to functional improvement, manufacturers struggle to unleash their power. Foul-tasting experiences and low bioavailability hinder optimal incorporation into conventional food and beverages.

Enter Vital Technologies' game-changing solution – the NT2 (Nutrient Transport Technology) platform. Our micro-encapsulation technology enables food and beverage brands to fortify products with high-quality natural bio-actives, free from foul-tasting effects.

The impact is felt within minutes, and the mouthfeel is nothing short of superb. With complete foul-taste isolation, even at ultra-high dosing levels, we redefine what's possible.

Drawing from pharma-class properties, our food-grade GRAS micro-encapsulated powder ensures controlled and sustained release, improved solubility, and superior bioavailability. Transparent incorporation into manufacturing and logistics SOPs streamlines the process, and COGS are tailored to the industry's needs.

From protein bars to yogurts, gummies to functional beverages, Vital Technologies empowers food and beverage brands to create products that truly enhance our lives.

Watch our promotional clip to witness the future of food tech unfold. With an exceptional B-round fundraising underway, we're ready to take the GTM process by storm.

Join us in reshaping the functional wellness landscape, one deliciously fortified product at a time. Vital Technologies – where innovation nourishes the world. Visit our website to learn more.

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  • Daniel Avidor


    Chairman & Founder

  • Gadi Bleicher

    Curiosity Robotics


  • Doron Polity

    Vital Technologies





Thursday, August 3, 2023
3:00 PM – 6:00 PM UTC


Networking and drinks
Startup Pitch Session
Networking and drinks


  • Ahmad Piraiee

    Startup Grind Warsaw

    Chapter Director

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