Pardon my French; Learn how to pronounce Pierogi in French.

Aug 10, 2023, 4:00 – 6:00 PM


Venture Cafe, Chmielna 73, Warsaw, 00-801

On Aug 10th, we will chat with Solène Gadal about French culture from the perspective of an expat living in Poland and many countries most of her life. Solene is a polyglot, speaking French, English, Japanese fluently, and many more to juste un peu. ExpatLens is a toolkit for those who want to choose Warsaw, gain experience & those who live here and want to see their city from the lens of expats.

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Pardon my French; Learn how to pronounce Pierogi in French.

Ever wondered how to pronounce 'Pierogi' in French? Join us for an intriguing perspective on Poland, Polish culture, and cuisine through the eyes of a French expat! Join us for an engaging fireside chat with Solène Gadal, Associate at Lincoln. Solène is a true polyglot, fluent in French, English, and Japanese. Hailing from the picturesque town of Bourges in the heart of France, Solène is an individual driven by passion and curiosity for different cultures. Her journey of exploration started early, as her fascination with foreign cultures led her to venture beyond her homeland, embarking on an enthralling adventure of discovery.

At the age of 14, Solène's interest in the Japanese language took her far beyond the realms of anime, manga, and sushi – defying conventional perceptions. This fascination fueled her decision to pursue Applied Foreign Languages at the Bachelor's level, followed by a Master's degree at Jean Moulin University in Lyon, France. Her studies eventually led her to Japan, a place that had captured her heart. After a year of exchange and numerous trips to Japan, Solène sought a new challenge, leading her to Poland. While the transition was initially jarring, her determination and the city's multicultural charm won her over. Warsaw's warmth and rich cultural tapestry resonated deeply, causing her to extend her stay beyond her original plans.

Solène's joy in immersing herself in Polish culture, bonding with local friends, and exploring museums to uncover the nation's history is palpable. Even the demanding Polish language doesn't deter her spirits; she finds the challenge invigorating. Currently, Solène thrives as a recruiter, connecting international clients with exceptional talents in Poland and beyond. Her reach spans Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa, Nordic countries, and her homeland, France.

Each chapter of Solène's journey shatters barriers and celebrates diversity. She takes pleasure in spotlighting lesser-known places like Poland to her fellow French citizens. Her anecdotes from Japan, coupled with her choice to embrace Poland over France, provide enlightening perspectives on the contrasting cultures. Through her experiences, Solène eloquently highlights the distinctions among these three countries, underscoring the invaluable insights gained from each unique culture.

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  • Solène Gadal





Thursday, August 10, 2023
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM UTC


Fireside Chat
Networking and drinks
Networking and drinks


  • Ahmad Piraiee

    Startup Grind Warsaw

    Chapter Director

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