Creating a Global Luxury Watch Company by Fighting Convention

Wednesday, August 5, 2020, 10:00 – 11:30 PM UTC

Startup Grind Calgary, Los Angeles and Toronto are teaming up to present a special event on August 5th. Égard Watches was created by Ilan Srulovicz to pay tribute to the bond between father and son. Their subsequent phenomenal growth has been based on leveraging social media, celebrity endorsements/collaborations and through publishing videos on social issues that Ilan felt passionately about.

About this event

These strategies started in 2014 when Ilan partnered with Star Trek star William Shatner to crowdfund a new watch design on Indiegogo. They raised $681,721, blowing past their goal of $75,000 by 900%. They were among the first to successfully use this strategy in the traditional watch market.

Since then, they have had some of the biggest stars in the world wearing and collaborating with them including: Jamie Fox, George St. Pierre, Jeff Daniels, Terry Crews, Sugar Ray Leonard and many more!

They have also repeatedly sold out their inventories and dramatically increased their sales through publishing videos on social issues that Ilan felt passionately about. This included a video challenging Gillette’s video on masculinity which has been watched over 5.4m times on YouTube and a recent video supporting police officers which has been watched over 1m times.

Ilan will be joining us on August 5th from his home in Los Angeles where Égard is co-headquartered with their Toronto operation.

Don’t miss this fascinating and inspiring story about innovating and carving your own path in one of the most traditional industries! 

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