Kevyn Eva Norton (The Digging Deep Project/Shadow's Edge)

Mar 25, 2021, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Kevyn Eva Norton is a visionary with a love for serious play and humanities. With the Digging Deep Project, she co-creates the first free and award-winning self-help mobile game to support teenagers deal with their challenges through writing and art: Shadow’s Edge. She led Microsoft's New World of Work initiative in Switzerland and looked 5 years into the future with the Atos Scientific Community.

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With the Digging Deep Project, Kevyn Eva Norton and her team envision a world where every young person has real-time access to the tools he or she needs to build emotional resilience. Shadow’s Edge, their newest product, is the first free self-help mobile game to support teenagers deal with their challenges through writing and creating art. It has been downloaded more than 40'000 times and is continuously evolving in collaboration with teens and young adults. "Young people all have an incredible story to share – a story that is still unfolding. Shadow’s Edge helps them discover and be proud of their story – whatever questions and challenges they are facing."

Kevyn Eva Norton leads the product design and player and academic research at the Digging Deep Project. During her corporate career, she looked five years into the future with the Atos Scientific Community. At Microsoft, she led the New World of Work initiative in Switzerland. Kevyn Eva holds a Master in Media Innovation and has a humanistic background in languages and literature. She loves music and meditation and mentors students in South America and Switzerland.

Acclaimed by the digital games community with the Serious Play and Digital Health Awards, Shadow’s Edge is available in six languages and downloadable for free at the App Store and Google Play.

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