Startup Program Global 2017 Inductees

We combed the globe to select the Top 50 companies from 98 countries to present to our global audience. This is a really stellar group representing places like Thailand, Latvia, UAE, Israel, Switzerland, Korea, Ecuador and the United States just to name a few. These companies are led by fantastic entrepreneurs ranging from 16 year-old founders who gained 20,000 paying customers in 2 months, to a professional basketball player, to a Resident Neurosurgeon at Duke University Hospital, Former CTO of IT at NASA to the Medical Director at Yale. Global 2017 Conference February 21st and 22nd in Redwood City, Ca.




                                     An All-in-One Property Management and Accounting cloud-based solution




--> “Abilisense”

                                     A cutting edge technology designed to keep people safe at home that distinguishes between different types of sounds in the surroundings to automatically alert of distress.





                                     Makes it easy for regulated companies to discover, purchase, and track compliant advertising. Cannabis, alcohol, and gambling companies generated $347B in the USA last year. .





                                     Agentbong is Hong Kong's only platform that provides to help families with housekeeping, childcare and elder care





                                     Real-time, predictive integrated HVAC comfort control system to maximize energy savings





                                     Re-engineered home gardens from the roots up with innovative product and process design





                                     An online payroll software designed to help micro, small and medium enterprise to manage their payroll effectively at a low cost.





                                     AR healthcare platform with that uses holographic communication to treat patience long distance





                                     The first IoT prototyping toolkit for fast MVP creation.





                                     Flight recorder for iOS & Android apps - see video, network & logs that led to bugs\crashes in live apps.





                                     The combustion engine reimagined smaller, stronger, cheaper, fuel efficient and green.





                                     Cloud secured access into multi-tenant commercial & residential buildings replacing access cards and keys





                                     Community management platform to build and scale online communities




Crystal IO

                                     An AI Assistant that allows users to interact with data as a team member





                                     Low Cost Revolutinary personal 3D printer





                                     Payment app to take the struggle out of eating with friends





                                     Interactive basketball experience app designed to help athletes at any level hone their skills.





                                     Fashwire is a voting social platform powering insights for fashion designers





                                     Augmented reality, head-up display advertisement system on taxi passenger windows. Our taxi passenger heads-up display requires no wearable device- this technology replaces conventional billboards with augmented reality interaction.





                                     Unique open source application database built for the rapid retrieval of AI data





                                     Innovative IoTTo help prevent house fires, Inirv has created the most innovative IoT smart home device that attaches directly to the stove and turns it off before hazards arise.





                                     Platform to revolutionize education fundraising and management





                                     Analytical social workout tracking platform




Lada Cube

                                     Transitional walls that allows realignment of spaces without construction cost.




Luma Sodas

                                     All-natural, very low sugar soda. It has no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and only 25 calories.





                                     A digital canvas that allows you to stream art straight to your wall





                                     Online telemedical coaching for parents of children with mental health issues





                                     MusicRogue is a new iOS app giving callers their own playlists while on hold





                                     Home safe automation designed to appear discretely as normal items though in plain sight




“OpenWeather Maps

                                     Platform provides developers with tools that allow simple and fast prodution of products using satellite images.





                                     One-stop concierge for millenial traveler





                                     Transparent hiring platform connecting businesses with challenged applicants





                                     Provide faster, safer delivery through our relay system of delivering freight




“Political Bank”

                                     One-stop marketplace for political candidates, voters, vendors, and donors.





                                     Platform that connects classrooms to boardrooms through experiential learning content





                                     Actionable Insights to Supply Chain's Continuous Problems. Creating the Palantir of Parts by building the world's largest mass balance on supply chain.





                                     Secure platform connecting cannabis seekers with prescribing doctors





                                     Making it simple for a business to turn any screen into a digital sign using consumer hardware..





                                     AI applications in consumer electronics that transforms daily interactions





                                     We are a company that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to do the tedious work of reaching out to the right media as startups or PR operators.





                                     Cloud intranet enabling companies to communicate with less emailing




“Strength of Two

                                     An app that alerts loved ones of potential suicide risk





                                     STUDR is a collegiate based networking app that helps students connect, interact and schedule study dates on campus. STUDR has easy to use functions to connect with kids on campus without giving our personal information and includes file share, calendar





                                     A platform that helps businesses determine the best location to do business.





                                     Maps that give real conditions within a 24 hour window of traveler's destination





                                     We are a student built Ed-tech company committed to personalized learning and building applications that give teachers and guidance counselors actionable insights about their students.





                                     Mobile, data-centric and socially connected platform focused on transforming the charitable giving marketplace to drive insights, collaboration and engagement.





                                     Compliance management solution making compliance much simplier





                                     A revolutionary project management solution for the construction industry, integrating electronic records keeping, e-signature and much more into easily adoptable workflow automation.





                                     Platform connecting independent artists and casual art lovers