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Past Events

Startup Grind Europe-Asia Connect

Canceled: From Idea to First Revenue

Canceled: Startup Grind End of the Year Party

Fireside Chat with Reggie Rusan, Founder & CEO of SimpleTec Solutions

Startup Grind Helsinki 2020 Summer Party

Fireside Chat with CEO Rens Original, Jesse Khanh Tran

Win Big With Your Team During a Crisis

The Key to Vocal Confidence, a Guide to Stress Free Speaking

Startup Grind Helsinki End of the Year Party

Fireside Chat with CEO Dare to Learn, Henna Pursiainen

Fireside Chat with CEO & CMO Maria 01 and CEO & Co-founder

Fireside Chat with Miika Karppinen

Startup Grind Helsinki Summer Party

LinkedIn Marketing Workshop

Digital Marketing Fireside Chat

How to Build a successful Brand from scratch

Derek Andersen (Startup Grind + Bevy CEO)

Asmo Saloranta (Asmo Solutions)

Teemu Arina (Tech CEO, Biohacker, Keynote Speaker)

Sean Percival (500 Startups)

Nelli Lähteenmäki (YOU-app)

Pyry Hurula (Sori Brewing)

Bruce Oreck (Aalto University)

Elina Arponen (Palringo)

Antti Vilpponen (UpCloud)

Dmitri Sarle (Arctic Startup)

Marc Dillon (Jolla)


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