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Building Global Startups from Pakistan

Startup Grind Europe-Asia Connect

Pakistan Innovation Summit 2020

Fireside Chat w/ Immad Akhund (CEO & Founder - Mercury)

The future of Venture Capital from Silicon Valley's Bilal Zuberi, Partner @ Lux Capital

Startup Grind Pitch Battle | Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Fireside Chat with Natasha Baig, Song writer, Singer + COO of Lal Series, Coke Studio fame

Embracing Digital Government During the Pandemic and Beyond

Connecting Canada-Pakistan Startup Ecosystems

Fireside Chat w/ Sheba Najmi (Code for Pakistan, Linkedin)

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Community Building | Learning to Give - Panel Discussion

Fireside Chat with Farah Khurrum, Her Career Journey from Returnship to Navigating Corporate Life

Fireside Chat w/ Mujeeb Zahur (MD S&P Global)

Fireside Chat w/ Superstar of STEM Australia

Management Tracks in Tech Panel

Fireside Chat with Salma Ataullahjan & Sabina Zafar

Fireside Chat w/ Farah Ali (Co-Founder FreightWeb, Co-Founder PWiC)

Fireside Chat w/ Sahar Arshad (Co-founder, CloudMedx)

The Wandering Wasp: How a young woman traveled solo on a scooter through the freezing Karakorum

Fireside Chat w/ Dr. Wardah Inam (Co-founder & CEO - Overjet)

Building Pakistan’s First Unicorn: The Story of

IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator w/ Melissa Sassi (Chief Penguin @ IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator)

Fireside Chat w/ Muazma Zahid (President PWiC, Sr. Data Engineer at Microsoft)

Fireside w/ Zeeshan Baig (GM Careem Pakistan)

ROI of UX (7 of 7) - Conclusion w/ Mudassir Azeemi (UC Berkeley / Wells Fargo)

How Human-Centered Design can Impact Business and Marketing (Urdu Language)

ROI of UX (6 of 7) - Support Costs, Development Costs & Time w/ Mudassir Azeemi (UC Berkeley)

Fireside w/ Osman Rashid (CEO @, Seasoned Silicon Valley Entrepreneur)

ROI of UX (5 of 7) -Revenue, Customer Retention & Team Productivity w/ Mudassir Azeemi (UC Berkeley)

Netflix Party - Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru

Fireside w/ Saad Bashir (CTO @ City of Seattle) (Presented by AWS)

Fireside w/ Afshan Abbas (CEO & Co-founder @ Fuchsia Shoes)

ROI of UX (4 of 7) - Prioritization + Solution w/ Mudassir Azeemi (UC Berkeley) (Presented by AWS)

Fireside w/ Zeeshan Ali (Vice President - Canada @ Salesforce)

ROI of UX (3 of 7) - When, Where and What? w/ Mudassir Azeemi (UC Berkeley) (Presented by AWS)

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset w/ Raheel Bodla (Success Coach) (Presented by AWS)

Working From Home: How to Navigate and Embrace the Change w/ Huma Hamid (Co-Founder @ PWiC)

Demystifying Personal Branding: Best Practices and Common Mistakes w/ Belinda Esterhammer

ROI of UX (2 of 7) - Why + Who w/ Mudassir Azeemi (UC Berkeley) (Presented by AWS)

Fireside w/ Ziyad Parekh & Raza Naqvi (Co-Founders @ Safepay) (Presented by AWS)

ROI of UX (1 of 7) - Intro w/ Mudassir Azeemi (UC Berkeley) (Presented by AWS)

Design Thinking & It's Benefits w/ Guddu Shani

Startup Grind Pakistan Conference 2019

Let's Go Serverless!!

Zara Zaman Khan (Interior & Furniture Designer)

Shabahat Ali Shah (CEO @ NITB Pakistan, Chairman @ Ignite - NTF)

Adeel Raza (CTO @ Minder, CEO @ MailMunch)

Sadia Bashir (Founder @ PixelArt Game Academy)

Sadia Khurram (Chief Customer Experience Officer @ Jazz)

Haseeb Awan (Serial Entrepreneur, YC Alumni)

Zeeshan Khadim (Head of Corporate / IT Information Security @ Airbnb HQ)

Building the Pakistani Brand: Technology, Tourism and Trade

Lashley A. Pulsipher (CMO - Hashoo Group)

Meghan Mercier (U.S. Embassy – Islamabad)

Winter Party 2018

Why Pakistan? with Eva zu Beck (@evazubeck)

Startup Grind with Zouhair Khaliq (Teamup)

Investing in the Future of Pakistan w/ Nadeem Hussain (Planet N Group)

Blockchain 101: The Workshop

Syed Ahmad (CEO/Founder, DPL)

Building Scalable Internet Startups for the Global Market from Pakistan with Nash (CEO - Integry)

Startup Grind with Muddassar Ahmed (Unitas Communications) & Kamran Bokhari (Geopolitical Futures)

Startup Grind with Ali Mukhtar (Fatima Ventures)

Faizan Aslam (BookMe)

Startup Hiking at Margalla Hills

Mark Turrell (Vork & Orcasci)

Murtaza Zaidi (Entrepreneur & Ecosystem Builder)

Women Techpreneurs - Charting New Frontiers

Rabeel Warraich (Sarmayacar)

Kamran Rizvi (School of Leadership)

Wahaj Siraj (Nayatel (Pvt.) Limited)


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