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Sep 27, 2023

Virtual Event (Free)

Startup office hours w/ Ryan Smith (Qualtrics/Utah Jazz) + Derek Andersen (SG)

Join Startup Grind founder Derek Andersen as he takes questions from founders on challenges they're facing in their startup. For the past 15 years Derek has been building communities. He is the co-founder/CEO of Bevy, a SaaS product that helps companies build virtual and in-person communities. He co-founded Startup Grind, a community of 600

Sep 28, 2023

Virtual Event (Free)

How to get your first customer

Are you an aspiring company creator, business owner, or entrepreneur ready to land your first client? If yes, we cordially welcome you to participate in our forthcoming virtual chat on "Getting Your First Customer Online." You will learn insightful techniques and tactics that can help you land your first client.

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