Kanniyakumari district is the smallest district in Tamil Nadu. Even though it is the smallest in terms of area (1672/Sq.Km), the density of population is the highest at 1119/Sq.Km in Tamil Nadu next to Chennai. In literacy, it stands first. It is the only place in the entire world where one can witness both the rising and setting of the sun. It has a coastal line of 71.5 km stretched on the three sides. This small district is famous for its vast green stretches of paddy fields, coconut groves, Rubber gardens, luxurious forests, and the rare earth of the western seashore and stretched valley mountain of the Western Ghats. 

Startup grind Kanniyakumari started in the year 2021, The rich and varied heritage of the district has equally produced lots of successful entrepreneurs, Every location of the district has a minimum of 2 startups, but the support ecosystem available in Kanniyakumari is very less so we have brought an extra effort to support and educate startup ecosystem using startup Grind, Now startup grind not only serves a platform for Network, connect and learn but also it serves as a platform to learn the art of Entrepreneurship exponentially leading Kumari an Entrepreneurial way !! If you are excited about what we do Join us today for some cool benefits for your startups and learning that takes to height! 

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