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As the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas has also developed into an active hub for entrepreneurs, powered by creative energy and a vibrant community. The city has quite a bit to offer startups: low cost of living, a growing talent base, and a commitment to creating startup success stories. Find like-minded business professionals within Las Vegas’s growing Tech scene, who will help you find the courage and knowledge to define your ideas, start your business, and grow it successfully.

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Past Events

Do What it Takes to Survive with Arlan Hamilton + Derek Andersen

EVENT CANCELED - Blooming Tech: Featuring Chelli Wolford, co-founder and CEO of Bloom.

"AI in the Workplace" Featuring Aurangzeb Khan, CEO and Co-Founder, Altia Systems

LIVESTREAM: Derek Andersen (Startup Grind + Bevy CEO)

LIVESTREAM: Fireside chat with Bret Taylor (Quip CEO + former Facebook CTO)

[Rescheduling] Big Things Have Small Beginnings w/ Mark S A Smith

The Must-Have Ingredient for Startup w/ Abdul Zalil

A ‘Real World’ View of Your First Startup w/ Joshua Copeland

It's Time for a Town Meeting — Entrepreneur-Style

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel (Authors)

Howard Love (Angel Investor)

Mark S A Smith (Bija Company)

Halsey Minor (Reality Labs, Voxelus)

Ed Tate (Ed Tate & Associates, LLC)

Ed Tate (Ed Tate & Associates, LLC)

Joel Comm (InfoMedia, Inc.)

Porter Haney (Wedgies)

Brad Howard (Trend Nation, LLC)

James Thomson and Zach Miles (UNLV)

Frank Grant (Perkins Coie)

Yo Sub Kwon (LaunchKey)

Carter Matzinger (KSix Network)

Ruth E. Hedges (Global Crowdfunding Conference)

Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel (Fatal1ty Gaming Gear)

Ray Muzyka (Threshold Impact)

Rick Duggan (Rolltech, Inc.)

George Moncrief (VegasTechFund)

Felix Danciu (Elmcore Group)

Leith Martin (Equiinet)

Henry Liu (CEO, Full Spectrum Laser)

Sam Winkler and Kevin Bacon (Liquipel)

Jordan Kelley (Robocoin)

Stacy Haitsuka (TuneGO)

Scott Purcell (ArcticIsland)

Brock Pierce (Playsino)


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