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On the 23rd April 2014 saw the launch of the Luxembourg of  Startup Grind a Global Community for Entrepreneurs. It is the largest independent Startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 1,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 400 cities nurturing Startup ecosystems in 85 countries through events, media, and partnerships. We believe in making friends, not contacts. We believe in giving, not taking. We believe in helping others before helping yourself. We are truly passionate about helping founders, entrepreneurs and startups succeed. We intend to make their startup journey less lonely, more connected and more memorable. Hosting monthly events locally featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies in a Fireside Chat, Panel or Workshop sign up to our newsletter to know what we are up to.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

SGVirtual - Gira SZAKMAR (eduGamiTec): bridging education to the world of digital entertainment

We are hosting Dusan STOJANOVIC (True Global Ventures] at Startup Grind Europe-Asia Connect

Taking huge risks - Claus Rosenberg Gotthard (Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | Coach)

Managing social networks with Kamel AMROUNE from Farvest Group (ICT Spring, ITOne, HROne, Marketers, InFinance..)

Indutech – positioning and outlook

We are hosting Florian van Schreven from Uizard

Game Changers: Make It or Break It feat. Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Luxembourg & Rishon Lezion

We are hosting Denis KISELEV (Snapswap)

We are hosting Felix HEMMERLING [serial entrepreneur]

SGVirtual - We are inviting you to a virtual visit with Michael BRITTINGHAM [Spaces]

SGvirtual - SGWomen : We are hosting Lucile Barberet [nyuko]

SGVirtual - We are hosting Michael BRITTINGHAM [Spaces]

SGVirtual - Workshop with Digits Solutions

SGVirtual - Workshop with SponsorMyEvent

SGVirtual - We are hosting Peter POEHLE and Gilles POULLES [SponsorMyEvent]

Workshop - Working Backwards (Presented by AWS)

Mentorship Month - We are hosting Richard RUSSELL

Learn.Build.Sale - Global 2020 out of Luxembourg - Day 2

Learn.Build.Sale - Global 2020 out of Luxembourg - Day 1

We are hosting James MONNAT [Mason Bower/Foundry]

We are hosting Mike KOEDINGER [MaisonModerne]

We are hosting Marco MIGNANI [Mileswap]

We are hosting the LBAN pitching event

We are celebrating Female Leaders Month 2019 #SGWomen with LBAN

We are hosting Artsquarelab with a team fireside chat and Service Jam

We are hosting Philip GROTHER (Stepping-Stone Luxembourg/Testmyapp)

Fireside chat with Soufya El Kharbili (co-founder of All In) at ICT Spring Europe 2018

Startup Europe Week 2018

Karen and Dirk ZADRA [Itondo]


Polina MONTANO [Jobtoday]

David ZIMMER [Inexio]

Martin GUERIN (Nyuko)


Nejc KODRIC (Bitstamp)

Jerome WITTAMER (Exponcapital)

Raoul MULHEIMS (Digicash Payments)

Georges BOCK (KPMG)

Hubert SCHUMACHER (Serial Entrepreneur)


Marco HOUWEN (Serial Entrepreneur)


Karl HORSBURGH (Entrepreneur and Business Angel)

Laurent KRATZ (ICT Entrepreneur, Business Angel)

Monica JONSSON (CoachDynamix)

Michael JACKSON (Mangrove Capital Partners)

Karin SCHINTGEN (Lux future Lab)

Marie-Béatrice NOBLE (MNKS)

Didrik EIRIKS (GenCreo)

Xavier BUCK (Serial Entrepreneur, Investor)


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