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Milwaukee is set out to be the best place for any entrepreneur to start a business. 

Milwaukee has the potential to become a household brand name for entrepreneurship, innovation, and startup. Startup Grind Milwaukee intends to leverage the Startup Grind platform to enable local talents to compete and win directly at a Global level in order to position Milwaukee as the best Startup Ecosystem in the world. We intend to have a strong presence in major global events for startups, founders, innovators, and creators. Our mission is to Educate local entrepreneurs, Inspire founders to represent Milwaukee globally, and Connect innovators and creators with successful like-minded globally. 

Startup Grind Milwaukee is open to all local talents interested in sizing up or simply exposing their brand globally. To win globally as a community, we will work collaboratively and complementarily with sponsors, partners, government officials, local organizations, startups of all levels, individuals, and volunteers to present a strong unified front to position Milwaukee as the best place to start and grow a business. Eventually, major global events for startups, founders, innovators, and creators will take place in Milwaukee.

If you are looking for a place to start or grow your business, Milwaukee is a top destination not only for vacation, but to do business, live, laugh, and fall in love as most of us here have. In Milwaukee, you will find everything you're looking for. Please bring a friend, share, explore and discover the wonders of this rich land. We believe in Milwaukee, its promise, and its potential of becoming an exceptional cosmopolitan city in the Midwest, the entire US, and the World. Our sought-after Midwestern culture and hospitality combined with the new focus on entrepreneurship make the MKE Brand unique, prestigious, an experience that no other city in the world can offer. Please turn Milwaukee into your new Sweet Home away from Home.

Milwaukee history is a microcosm of human struggles. When you learn the history of this magnificent piece of land, you would understand why it is a gem. Just as all precious metals are only discovered by those who dare to explore, Milwaukee is always ready to reveal its true beauty to those who dare to explore. If you believe you have what it takes to uncover hidden beauties and treasures in every corner of this city, the seed to start or grow something exceptional, we invite you to join us in this quest. Let us unveil what Milwaukee, the shining city on the hill hides.

You have to experience the MKE Brand for yourself! Do Business, Live, Laugh, and Fall in Love with MKE as most of us here have.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Startup Grind Milwaukee & Strategic Planning Overview Workshop

Plug, Showcase, and Promote the MKE brand of Startup ecosystem globally.

We are hosting Blair Garrou (Mercury Fund - Startup Venture Capital)

MKE Startup Week - "Does Location Matter?"

Katherine Ramirez, Founder & CEO - adBidtise

Chris Widmayer - Co-Founder Penrod Software

Zach Brandon - Builder Of INTREPID Organizations

Luke Bonney, Co-Founder & CEO Redox

Robert Botchek - Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Investor, Start-up Guru

Timothy G. Schaefer (Northwestern Mutual)

Troy Vosseller (Gener8tor)

Bob Paulsen (PlayerLync)

Vivek Bhatt (GE Healthcare)

Erik Buell (EBR Motorcycles LLC)

Craig Zimmerman (Dynalifter International)

Marc Cayle (OnKol)

Deepak Rao (SOLOMO Technology)

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