Multan is the only ancient city, the “Manchester” of Pakistan that is recognized as a abode of great ethnic clusters let it be my Punjabi cluster or others such as Balochi, Sindh and Pashtuns. It is the most honorable city of Pakistan comprising of many religions. The dominant religion that existed in Multan was no doubt “Islam” which give rise to its mystic side called Tasawwuf or Sufism. This region attracted many Sufis across the globe and hence has been named as “Gada O Goristan” the city of gold, Sufis and beggars. The city is full of Sufis tombs which even today is the center of attraction for the numerous tourists. Some of the famous tombs in Multan includes Hazrat Hafiz Muhammad Jamal, Multani Sheikh Baha-ud-Din, Shah Rukn-e-Alam and Shams Ud Din. Unfortunately today the concept of Sufism and its promotion is at minimal and in literal meaning have become a part of our history books or tourism spot. Their Sufi Kalaams and poetry is vanishing day by day from our society may be holding great importance in Multan but what about in the rest of the country?

Besides the tombs, mosques and mandirs Multan comprise many other attractions such as “Ghanta Ghar”. The Ghanta Ghar is also known as a clock tower which has been transformed into “Multan Museum” by the government. The historical realities of Multan are preserved in its museum encompasses huge collection of coins, honors, manuscripts, documented writings, wood artifacts, antique models and pebble artifacts of the Islamic and Pre-Islamic time periods. Khooni Burj or Bloody Tower is another historical site in the old city of Multan where a bloody battle was fought during which Alexander the Great was injured by the Sikh raja.

Despite being enriched with historical importance Multan is the hub of commercial and industrial area of Pakistan. You name any business and industry such as cotton, flour mills, cosmetics, fertilizers and so many more, Multan has it all. If I talk particularly about the cosmetics Multan is blessed with “multani mitti” also called as “fuller’s earth” comprises of cleansing benefits and is among the most desirable product in the world. Multanis are considered to be the most hard working people in Pakistan. This city is not just blessed by numerous resources or agricultural products but also comprises the most artistic and skilled people in the world.

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