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Sebastian Enderlein (Personio, Uber, Salesforce, SAP)

Future of health and wellbeing – perspectives from a community builder, a founder, an operator and an investor

Roman Schumacher (Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Personio)

Claudiu Leverenz (Munevo)

Reza Madjidi & Sacha Taghavi (kiwiHR)

Sibyll Brüggemann (Head of Marketing DACH, Klarna Group)

Real stories from Katharina Mayer (Kuchentratsch), Florian Kiener (happybrush), Caroline Nichols (3Bears)

Sven Rittau (Co-Founder & CEO K5 GmbH // GLORE)

Johann Romefort - Managing Director for BSH Future Home Accelerator Powered by Techstars

Jaclyn Schnau | Founder & CEO of Pumpkin Organics

Alev Canoglu | Founder @ Female Tech Leaders

Finn Age Hänsel | Managing Director (MOVINGA)

Michael Reinicke | Co-Founder of carpooling / mitfahrgelegenheit


Max Wittrock - Co-Founder at mymuesli

Felix Haas - Serial Entrepreneur (TiberiumSun, amiando, UnicornPitch, IDnow, Bits & Pretzels)

Manuela Rasthofer (TerraLoupe)

Dr. Tanja zu Waldeck (NetMoms)

Dr. Andreas Fruth (Global Savings Group)

Maren Jopen (“Entrepreneurship for Inmates”)

Malte Zeeck (InterNations)

Jochen Engert (FlixBus)

Catharina van Delden (Co-Founder & CEO innosabi)

Christian Göttsch (Experteer)

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