Unleash Your Spark: Celebrate Success & Ignite Growth in Our Supportive Startup Tribe

Forget dry meetings and stale coffee runs - Nashville Chapter of Startup Grind bubbles with a different kind of energy. Here, we celebrate every win, big and small, because we know your success is NOW. Join us, led by Director Erica Kesse, LPC, CPQC, Co-Director Tiara Biscoe, CPA, Financial Ambassador, Sade Curry as we build a community where encouragement flows freely and ambition finds its wings.


Sparkling connections: Forge meaningful relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs. Share ideas, bounce back challenges, and discover your next collaborator in a network buzzing with inspiration. We have engaging friendship building at the start of every interaction. We have a FB group where you can post your offerings and share with each other plus get announcements. 

Empowering knowledge: Unleash your potential with workshops, expert talks, and a treasure trove of resources. We'll demystify every step of the startup journey, from pitching to scaling, so you can confidently conquer your entrepreneurial Everest.

Giving back, the foundation of our fire: Our community thrives on collaboration, not competition. Join us as we share our expertise and resources with emerging startups, fostering a vibrant ecosystem where everyone wins.

Celebrating every milestone, not just the finish line: Every victory, small or grand, deserves a cheer. We raise a glass to your achievements, fueling your journey with camaraderie and support.

And to add some rocket fuel to your growth, every Tuesday brings a different kind of ignition:

Programming Tuesdays at 6 PM CST:

First Tuesday: Mental Note: Fireside chats with Erica Kesse featuring speakers who delve into crucial aspects of mental health for entrepreneurs.

Second Tuesday: Workshop Note: Dive deep into practical skills and knowledge with expert-led workshops designed to elevate your startup game.

Third Tuesday: Financial Note: Gain financial insights and strategies from fireside chats with Sade Curry, our Financial Ambassador, and guest speakers.

Last Tuesday of the month: Entrepreneur Experience Panel led by Tiara Briscoe: Get inspired by the journeys of established entrepreneurs in a panel discussion that sparks new ideas and perspectives. 

This chapter is more than a support group; it's a launchpad for ambition. We believe in the power of community, where shared knowledge and high fives propel each other forward. Join us, and let's rewrite the rulebook of success, together.

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Upcoming events

Mar 6, 2024

Virtual Event (Free)

Mental Note: Camille Jones

Join Erica Kesse, Director of Startup Grind as she engages with Camille Jones with We Got This Mind and Body on Why it is important for us to put our wellness first.

Mar 12, 2024

Virtual Event

The 6 Elements of Business Development with Sacha Walton

Welcome to the dynamic world of business transformation! In our invigorating workshop, "The 6 Elements of Business Development," we're not just crafting entrepreneurs; we're sculpting success stories. Join Sacha Walton, Business Strategist & CEO of SWI Management Group as she shares her expertise. Gear up and bring your notepad to gain the information you need for success.

Mar 19, 2024

Virtual Event (Free)

Financial Note: Sandra Morno: Maximizing Your Business's Success: Essential Tax

Join Sade Curry, Financial Ambassador as she connects with "Sandra Morno, a Tax Strategist and 20-year entrepreneur, uses her 14 years of tax to educate expats, digital nomads, remote workers and small business owners on the importance of understanding how their financials affect their tax liability. Her mission is to empower and support women with US service-based businesses.

Apr 2, 2024

Virtual Event (Free)

Mental Note: Aeoliana Elliott

Join Erica Kesse, Director of Startup Grind as she engages with Aeoliana (pronounced a-o-lee-ana) Elliott, the founder of Top Shelf Virtual Services on How to balance owning a business and having a family, avoiding burnout.

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Erica Kesse

Chapter Director
Your Goal Concierge, Inc

Tiara Briscoe

Chapter Co-Director
T Briscoe Consulting

Sade Curry

Financial Ambassador
TEACH Authoritative Consulting

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Virtual Event (Free)

Mental Note: Coleen Greco

Virtual Event (Free)

Network and Flow

Virtual Event

Forget the New Year's Resolutions: Create, Reset, & Refine Boundaries

Virtual Event (Free)

Mental Note: Pankita Panchal

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