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New Cairo has become the central hub of entrepreneurship hosting top-notch universities such as AUC "which hosted Riseup Summit 2019", GUC, MIU, and BUE. Moreover, the area has become a very fertile business hub, especially after the government established the "Administrative New Capital" only 20 min away. 

Thereby launch a New Cairo STARTUP GRIND chapter couldn't be at a better timing to not only be front and center when it comes to business and entrepreneurship but to host, connect and build a strong community fueled with opportunities, resources, and the assets needed for entrepreneur wannabes, entrepreneurs, founder, business owners, mentors, investors, and ecosystem gurus.

So if you are any of the above-mentioned criteria and want to give back to society or have a contribution that you would love to contribute to our community and/or the ecosystem in general please feel free to reach us via email "" or via any of our social media channels and we'll have someone connect with you for further discussions.

Remember the strength of a community is the strength of the people of the community itself and their help and contribution to one another. Now let's Rock this chapter and make it lead by example!

Upcoming events

Jun 14, 2023

Virtual Conference

Product & AI Summit

Join us at Product + AI Summit on June 14th, 2023 to explore the ever-changing, uberly-important role of AI in product development and what it means for startups.

Jun 24, 2023

Virtual Event (Free)

Do you have a Career Roadmap? Lost after graduation?

Feeling lost? Don't know where to start in your professional path? Feel that you are in the wrong university/ Major? Don't worry we have got your back. This event is made for you!!!!! Providing you with the ultimate guidelines to kick-starting your career path. The future is waiting for you, but the present doesn't, so START NOW

Past events

In-Person Conference

Global Conference 2023

Virtual Event (Free)

Marketing Trends for Startups

Livestream Event (Free)

Founders Fundraising: Lessons from the Front Lines

Virtual Event (Free)

Fundraising; Who to go to and when?


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