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Past Events

SG Porto Sunset Party with Helder Pereira (VP of Engineering at Critical Links)

Pedro Marques (Yunit // Consulting Director) at Startup Grind Porto

Luís Roque (HUUB Founder) at Startup Grind Porto

André Oliveira (Pixelmatters Founder) at Startup Grind Porto

Humberto Pereira & Torben Schulz (dashdash Founders) at Startup Grind Porto

Marco Galinha (CEO of Grupo Bel S.A. and Shark from Portuguese Shark Tank) at Startup Grind Porto


  • Eduardo Ribeiro

    Eduardo Ribeiro

    Critical Software

    Porto Director

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  • Rui Barreira

    Rui Barreira


    Porto Co-Director

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  • Diana Antão

    Diana Antão

    CRITICAL Software

    Marketing & Communication

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  • Vânia Silva

    Vânia Silva


    Logistics & Operations

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  • Cátia Sampaio

    Cátia Sampaio


    Accounting & Finance

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  • Paula Gomes da Costa

    Paula Gomes da Costa

    Critical Software, S.A.

    Honorary Member

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  • Tiago Barros

    Tiago Barros

    Logistics & Operations

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