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Welcome to Startup Grind Princeton 💡, the heartbeat of our local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our chapter stands proud as a member of the world's most expansive startup community 🌐, where startups, founders, innovators, techies, and creators converge to spark the flames of progress and connection 🔥. We're part of the largest startup network in the world with over 600 chapters, 125 countries, and five million members spanning the globe 🌎.

At Startup Grind, we go beyond the conventional. Our values:

• Help Others Before Yourself 🤝

• Give First Don't Take 🤲

• Make Friends Not Contacts ❤️

 We're committed to nurturing startups because we know that's where the magic happens 🌟.

🚀 Our chapter is a melting pot of ideas. We host everything from fireside chats and workshops to pitch nights, conferences, and celebrations 🎉. Inclusion is our cornerstone. We're on a mission to demystify the world of startups and venture capitalism, making it accessible to all 👥. Princeton is one of the most active chapters globally every year 🌟.

Meet David Stengle, the founder and director of our Princeton Chapter 🏆. David's work earned him the Startup Grind Global Humblest Brag Award and the Startup Grind Inclusivity Award. 

Join us at Startup Grind Princeton, where we don't just dream of a better world—we roll up our sleeves and create it, together 🌈.

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8 ago 2024

In-Person Event

Homeroom Fund A high-school led Venture Capital Fund

How early can you break into venture capital? High school founders are rare. High school VCs are rarer still. Join us Thursday, August 8th to meet the team and hear about their innovative model.


David Stengle

Princeton Chapter Founder & Director Board++

Stan Berteloot

Ambassador Nytro Marketing

Michael Szubrowski

Ambassador Time is Me

David Page

Ambassador New Road Media

John Snee

Program Director Startup Grind Trenton

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About Startup Grind

This is Startup Grind. We are the world’s largest startup community.

Our Mission

To give startups everywhere the education and opportunities they need to build, grow, and scale their companies.

Our Values

We believe in making friends, not contacts. We believe in giving first, not taking. We believe in helping others before helping yourself.

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Take advantage of resources and offers provided by organizations we know and love, designed to help you navigate the startup journey.

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Our annual flagship event in Silicon Valley brings together thousands of startup teams, investors and organizations from all over the world.

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This membership gives you free access to networking, events, mentorship, office hours, and other exclusive opportunities curated by Startup Grind HQ.

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In-Person Event

Founder Passion to Sales Success with Greg Caravello

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GenAI Gathering

In-Person Conference

Global Conference 2024

In-Person Event

AI Max Prompt Engineering Workshop with Mukesh Patel

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