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Founder & CEO of Charity Sharity, seeking my passion as being a social entrepreneur, running an innovative tech-startup, based on social impact. Expanding Corporate social responsibility by tackling the needs of retail industry promotions & in close contact with many well-known charities of Pakistan. Charity Sharity will be the Pakistan's biggest corporate Philanthropy network, which will help in contributing for well deserved social causes. Apart from that, with an experience of running software companies(NEO Global & Appic Tech) for last 6 years, I have vast knowledge of nowadays trends in e-businesses, revenue models as well as provided consultancy to many foreign and specifically Scandinavian clients regarding digital marketing strategies and improving business models. After assisting number of foreign startups from idea stage to the finished internet product, nowadays mentoring local startups via startup weekend, LCL, civic hackathon and more. Always looking forward to GIVE BACK!

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