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Startup Grind, the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting more than 2,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 600 chapters within 125+ countries, with 19 cities in China and counting.

The cornerstone of our community is regular events featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators, and investors who share lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Founded in Silicon Valley, we nurture startup ecosystems through events, media, and partnerships, helping millions of entrepreneurs build their businesses, connect with strategic partners, and secure funding.

Active in Shanghai since 2013, Startup Grind is the city’s most active and vibrant startup community, gathering entrepreneurs, platforms, corporates, VCs and other thought leaders to help fuel innovation, economic growth, and prosperity.

Startup Grind 是世界最大的独立创业社区,在全球约125个国家的600多个城市中积极地启蒙、激励和连接着200多万创业者,其中在中国19个城市设有分会。

Startup Grind 定期举办社区活动,邀请成功的创始人、创新者、教育者和投资人,分享他们在创业道路上学到的经验与教训。从硅谷成立迄今,Startup Grind通过活动、媒体和伙伴关系培育着初创生态系统,帮助数以百万计的创业者拓展业务,对接战略合作伙伴,并获得投资。

自2013年成立起,作为上海地区最活跃、最有活力的创业社区,Startup Grind 上海分会不断聚集着创业者、平台、大企业、风投和其他思想领袖,致力于推动创新、经济增长和繁荣!

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Past Events

Alt Proteins 2021: Why Now?

Startup Grind Europe-Asia Connect

China Startup Ecosystem Summit

Surviving, Thriving in a Global Downturn - Startup Grind SH

Cracking the Code of Gen-Z Digital Consumers

Webinar: Dare to Collaborate: Expediting Performance Materials Growth with Fusion Innovation

Webinar - Reinventing Healthcare through AI

We are hosting Antoine S. Bunel (Top 100 China KOL Creative Chef (Fusion Food) TV Host)

Bridging Physical and Virtual worlds: Eric Liu, CTO, DIGITWIN

StartupGrind Christmas Mixer

Learn To Blur The Lines In Retail Through Tech

2019 China Startup Ecosystem Summit

Discuss Growing Health Insurtech from Seed to Series A

MNC x Startup Innovation Merck and Predicine

Discussing the Future of Mobility with NIO Capital (蔚来资本)

Explore Industrial IoT with Co-Founder of Black Lake

ZhenFund Discusses Raising Seed Round in a Capital Winter

Corporate x Startup Innovation with Merck and Trusted Doctors

Discuss the Jobs of Tomorrow with Udacity

Bayer Grants4Apps 2018 Kickoff & Startup Grind Annual Party!

Startup Grind Hosts Victor Cui (CEO, ONE Championship) on May 24th

Discuss Corporate-Startup Innovation with Bayer on 4/19

StartupGrind Hosts R3's Managing Director Carl Wegner

SaveTheDate: Cristina Ventura at StartupGrind on Jan 25th

Digital Christmas Mixer

Rachel Daydou Interviews Stone Shi (Founder & CEO, Bon App!) at Startup Grind

Florian Bohnert Interviews Kia Parsai (Founder, Shanghai Love Brewing) at Startup Grind

Startup Grind Summer Party 2017

Ronan Berder(CEO, Wiredcraft)

Ben Bateman (Senior Director of Strategic Programs, Indiegogo)

Startup Grind Hosts Richard Wang (Partner, DFJ Dragon Fund)

Lidan LIU (CEO, designaffairs China)

Sidney Wen (Steamboat Ventures)

Howard Donaldson (Lunar Owl Studios)

Matilda Ho (Bits x Bites)

Shaolong Sui (ROBOTERRA)

Oscar Jazdowski (Silicon Valley Bank)

Steven Hoffman (Founders Space)

Nicolas du Cray (Cathay Innovation)

Emma Vanbergen (BE Education)

Thibault Villet (

Mark Secchia (Sherpa's)

Lars Kolind (Chairman / Entrepreneur / Investor)

Vincent Tao (PPTV)

Grant Horsfield (naked Retreats)

Derek Andersen (Startup Grind)

Peter Davison (Angel Investor)

Mary Rezek (Saatori)

Michelle Garnaut (M on the Bund)

Kevin Yu (SideChef)

Gio Giacobbe (Peuterey Group)

William Bao Bean (SOS Ventures)

William Bao Bean (SOS Ventures)

David Chen (Strikingly)

Steve Mushero (ChinaNetCloud)

Geoff De Freitas (Shanghai Business Review)

Wei Hopeman (Arbor Ventures)

Rui Ma (500 Startups)

Oscar Jazdowski (Silicon Valley Bank)

Li Tianyi (

Andrew Tong (3TI Solutions)


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