2016 Startup Program SoCal Inductees

The talents and successes of the companies and founders range from providing produce for SpaceX to companies who are that redefining the power of human to machine interaction, having collectively raised nearly $20 Million in funding. We can't wait to see where they'll go. See them all in person at our Socal Conference September 27th in Los Angeles.




                                     AppAll allows users to store and use all apps from the cloud: eliminating compatibility and storage issues.



                                      A babysitting app that modernizes the way parents find, book, and pay neighborhood sitters that are recommended by their friends and neighbors.



                                     A marketplace where fans directly support the music they love, giving musicians the ability to make a living off of their craft.



                                     Provides water and sanitation solutions for disaster relief efforts and vulnerable communities, and disaster preparedness industries.



                                     Uber for Designated Drivers, providing the only truly on-demand DD service on a mission to end drunk driving.



                                     A real-time purchasing platform that enables TV viewers to buy what they see on-screen..



                                     Etsy for Food - allowing people to buy and sell baked goods online.



                                     An innovative internet platform that allows anyone to buy or sell anything in installments.


Jewel Toned

                                     Seamless shapewear with light to medium control.


Local Roots Farms

                                     Designs, builds and operates vertical farms that grow 365 days a year with 97% less water than outdoor agriculture, pesticide and herbicide-free.



                                     A platform where people with disabilities can form empowering mentor relationships with industry leaders.



                                     An online solar marketplace where home and business owners can receive many bids for solar and complete the entire process in one hour.


Picking Duck

                                     Picking Duck is an online marketplace for sports pick information that allows users to showcase their sports pick accuracy by making picks in fantasy sports books or real sporting events.



                                     A job management platform for contractors, vendors, and distributors to organize all their products and relationships in an efficient and insightful way.



                                     Siri for Salesforce, Mark, is a virtual sales assistant, who listens to calls and intelligently dictates information directly to your CRM.



                                     We help schools organize awesome after school programs for their students.



                                     Allows brands, influencers, and users to create, analyze, and market and monetize across all social media all in one platform.



                                     The Kayak or Expedia of ground transportation, and in real time tells you what the best option is for your trip.



                                     A digital celebrity homes & hot spot locator allowing users to visit their favorite stars anywhere.



                                     A mobile communication company for kids. Our product, Pipsqueak, is a Smart Phone for Kids.