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Startup Grind hosts events in over 500 cities and 120+ countries around the world and two flagship conferences every February and Septemeber in Silicon Valley and London. On a monthly basis, our chapter teams bring together their local communities of early stage startup teams, entrepreneurs, creators, and tech enthusiasts for impactful networking, education, and inspiration. All of our speakers generously donate their time to educate and give back to this community.


So what can I expect?

A Startup Grind (SG) event isn't a time to pitch or promote your company or brand. It's a time for an experienced founder, CEO, investor, or thought leader to educate our community as they navigate the challenges that come with building a company or innovating from within a larger organization. At the conferences, we showcase a variety of sessions including fireside chats, keynotes and panels, aimed at a target demographic from within startup teams (engineers, developers, operations, women in tech, etc.)


What happens after?

Every Startup Grind event is recorded with full audio and video for potential distribution on our YouTube channel, which draws over 50,000 viewers and listeners every month with over 10 million minutes watched. You may use the video and audio collateral for promotion and media in the future; though Startup Grind reserves all rights to the content for commercial purposes. The Global Conference mainstage is also live-streamed.

- and Congrats! You're now a part of the constantly growing SG family!


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