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Running a Startup Grind Chapter in your city, town or university can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your personal and professional career. It is of course not easy, but we equip you with the tools, resources, knowledge and support network to help you build a successful local Startup Grind Chapter.


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Congratulations on taking the first step in learning more about joining our incredible community of startup ecosystem leaders.

We only accept Chapter Directors on 1 of 2 cohorts we run per year. We are currently inviting applications for our H1-2021 Cohort which will commence in 2021.

There are usually several people who apply for each Chapter, so we take into consideration how long it took you to complete your application.

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6 Step Application Process

Step 1: Confirm your email and accept Privacy Policy via this form. You will receive an email after 10 minutes with next steps.

Step 2: Fill in a form asking about personal details

Step 3: Fill in a form regarding chapter/city details

Step 4: Form 4 will ask you to upload a video, submit it, and your application will be nearly complete

Step 5: We'll invite you to an interview call

Step 6: If approved after the call, we'll send approval email and setup your chapter and invite you to our next Cohort for Director Training.

Steps to start your journey:

  1. Ensure to log into website - click the "Log In" link on top right (not the "join" button)
    1. If you don't have an account - please create one here
    2. If you not sure you have an account (if you've ever attended an event, you should have an acount) - then simply reset your account (or recover your password)
  2. Once logged in (take note of which email address you signed up with)
  3. Start your journey by filling in this form (You need to log in before you can see the page)



Chapter Types

Startup Grind Classic (SG)

Build a robust startup community by leading monthly Startup Grind events in your metro area.

Startup Grind X (SGx)

Perfect for smaller cities (population less than ~300k) who have a blossoming startup vibe.

Startup Grind U (SGu)

Spark the startup community at your university all throughout the semester.


About Startup Grind


Requirements & Benefits

Director FAQ

What does it take to run a Startup Grind chapter?
Startup Grind should not take more than 20% of your time. We are looking for passionate directors that are seeking to build an awesome local community of entrepreneurs. All you must do is get an amazing speaker, a venue where to host it and define a date, every month. What really matters is the people you are bringing together in a monthly basis: the conversations and values they will share to build a thriving community of entrepreneurs in your city.

What support does Startup Grind provide?
We provide a support system and 300+ events worth of experience! Once your application is approved and accepted we will set up a one hour call to go through all of the basics needed to run your first and many other events afterwards. After the basics we will train you on our custom built software that helps you easily manage your event across three different online platforms. Along with our software we will give give you access to resources and templates that will help you conduct the very best interviews with the best speakers, lock down helpful sponsors, and most importantly communicate with a global team of other directors just like you.

Does it cost money to operate?
Most Chapters operate at a break even, if run properly. It's worth saying that the main reason why 300+ people run it in their city is not getting rich out of it. The big value will come to you in the networking and relationships you'll build - and the impact you'll have in your local ecosystem.