2016 Startup Program Europe Inductees

Sourced from cities throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, these companies represent the best of the best. The talents and successes of the companies and founders range from steering UX & Product for the Google of Korea (Naver), generating a half million dollars in revenue in just 4 months, having collectively raised nearly $10 Million in funding. We can't wait to see where they'll go. See them all in person at our Europe Conference June 15th in London.




                                     Classlist is the world's first virtual schoolgate. Classlist's free platform was created for parents by parents. It enables trust-based school communities where parents connect and help each other with everyday school-related tasks.





                                     Collabee is a SaaS collaboration tool that enables teams to follow natural progression of collaborative converation without the endless threads of chatter that happens inside other collaboration tools.





                                     EatAbout is the alternative to restaurants where you eat in the home of a chef, and has been dubbed the "Airbnb of restaurants" by the Daily Mail among other publications.





                                     A technology platform that allows content owners to automatically upload and distribute their films and videos to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon cheaply, quickly and without the middlemen.





                                     An event media collaboration platform that allows event owners and service providers (i.e. photographers, graphic designers, print shops and other media professionals) to setup, manage, collect and share digital media content surrounding any event across all parties involved.





                                     An online payroll software designed to help micro, small and medium enterprise to manage their payroll effectively at a low cost.





                                     Democratizes data science and disrupts data consultancy through a trusted marketplace for data science projects.





                                     Allows companies to create branded short links that incorporate both the brand and domain.





                                     A marketplace that allows content creators, writers and bloggers to hire event attendees to live stream and report live from events.





                                     A platform to crowd source to collaborate with friends and family to help biograph and publish your family history.





                                     WeFarm is a pioneering knowledge sharing platform for the world's 500 million small-scale farmers without internet allowing farmers share vital information, peer to peer without needing any internet access.




We Love Work

                                     The We Love Work™app provides companies with the best solution to finding highly skilled candidates who are the right cultural fit.




Wolfprint 3D

                                     Wolfprint 3D is creating a database of personalised 3D scans for the VR/AR and gaming markets.




                                     ShimmerCat is a technology tool that helps sites load faster without the need of large CDNs.