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各都市のシティチャプターディレクター達が、毎月一回開催しているStartup GRINDの定例イベントです。



StartupGrind Tokyo chapter is very active, almost every month we invite a successful entrepreneur to a fireside chat. 

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at the moment. Please check again soon.

Past Events

Global Conference 2021

Reimagining Japanese work culture through startups with Paul Chapman, Moneytree

Let's learn conversational story telling from Mr. Marc Canter, the father of Multimedia

We are hosting Paul Dunn at Startup Grind Europe-Asia Connect - Starting Up Better Than Ever

オープニングイベントStartup Grind Fukuoka × 徳重徹 (テラドローン代表取締役社長 兼 テラモーターズ代表取締役会長)

Navigating Corporate Culture and International Innovation Ecosystems with Masako Eguchi-Bacon

Startup Grind Super Summit - Hosting Frederick M. "Aesthetic Du J'our" - Fashion Trends Innovator

Hosting Ms. Annie Chang (アニー・チャン) Founder of AC Global Solutions & Women in Technology Japan

We are hosting Brad Feld, Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker and Co-Founder of Techstars

How to creating a Impactful Giving Business? Hosting Masami Sato CEO of B1G1

Hosting Mr. Jim Huang, Head of Crust Japan

リモートワーク専門在籍700名 Chat with Shota Nakagawa CEO of Castor Co. Ltd 株 キャスター 中川 祥太氏

AMAZONウェブサービスを活用する! Put Amazon Web service to best use! This is an ONLINE event.

Fireside chat with Mr. Yohei Wakabayashi CEO Maison Rococo Co., Ltd, maker of Luxury beer

Fireside Chat × COUNTERWORKS Inc. CEO Mr. Naoki Sanpei

Startupgrind X Ryutaro Fujimoto Founder & CEO - Value Architects

Startupgrind X Mr. Yu Taniguchi, CEO of Tablecheck inc.,

An evening with CEO of BitStar Co., Ltd. Taku Watanabe

Startupgrind Tokyo x Bitkey Inc., COO Mr. Masaki Fukuzawa Do you know Smart Lock? 株式会社ビットキー代の福澤 匡規氏

Tokyo Fireside Chat with Mr. Yutaka Hishiki CEO Inaho Inc.; Harvest Robots is the future

Startupgrind Tokyo host Bespoke Founder and CEO Ms. Akemi Tsunagawa

Fireside chat with Ms Yumiko Hoshiba, President of Discover 21.

Fire Side Chat with Mr. Hideki Tada of Nurve Inc.,

Fireside Chat with MICHELLE E. MESSINA in Tokyo

We are hosting Mr. Shoji Tanaka Representative Director of Axis Motion Co., Ltd.

Startupgrind Tokyo chats with Mr. Akihiro Okabe, President of Novars Inc.

Startup GRIND TOKYO Fireside Chat × Kenichi Kurosaki CEO Bear Tail Inc.,

Startup GRIND Tokyo & YOLO JAPAN / YOLO JAPAN CORPORATION Representative Director Mr. Taisuke Kaji

Starting GRIND Tokyo × for Startups Mr. Yuichiro Shimizu CEO Representative Director

Fireside Chat with Akiyuki Minami Representative Director Coconola Inc.,

Startupgrind Tokyo Fireside chat x PR Table Inc., Representative Director Mr. Akira Ohori

Startup GRIND TOKYO Fireside Chat × CEO Ms. Yumiko Iwasaki of Rank Up Co. Ltd

Fireside Chat with Mr. Yuji Fujita Co-founder of Peatix Inc,

Startupgrind Tokyo is hosting Mr. Yoshimitsu Imanishi of Emotion Tech Inc.,

Startup GRIND TOKYO Fireside Chat × Mr. Ayanobu Oshima, CEO of Infratop, Inc.,

Startup GRIND TOKYO Fireside Chat with Hiroyuki Fukushima of Regraffiti Co., Ltd

Chat with Mr. Noriyuki Shiibata of Crevo Co., Ltd

Introducing Mr. Kota Tomita, Representative Director of Eden Corporation

Chat with Mr. Eiji Kurosa co-CEO, Mazrica, INC

We are hosting Mr. Eiiji Kurosawa, CEO of Mazrica. Inc.,

We are hosting Mr. Junichiro Takai

Tsuyoshi Shimizu of Ambition Corporation

201706 Fireside chat with Ms. Akiko Goto/Online Consultant

Interview with Mr. Masaru Tange, President of Shift Inc.,

Fireside Chat with Mr. Ikusei Kimura, President of Cross Check Company Limited

Dr. Yo Iwami (M.D, Ph.D), President of MedPeer,Inc.

Koichiro Yoshida (Crowd Works Japan)

Daisuke Komata (Pixta Inc,)

Tomotaka Osawa (Photo Create Co. Ltd)

Hitoshi Arimoto (Startupx Academia)

Yorisada Makoto (Fineseed Inc.)

Hitoshi Arimoto (Burger King Japan)

Shuichi Takenaga (Aucfan Co., Ltd.)

Kenta Izumi (Full Speed inc.,)

Kumeda Shosuke (ConnectOM)

Arimoto Hitoshi (Hospitality & Growing Japan)

Junko Masachika (Fashion Rescue)

鈴木 廣政 (Suzuki Hiromasa) (Hallo Hallo Home Inc.,)

Seiji Yamashita (Earth Holding Inc.,)

Takechika Tsurutani, President (Polygon Magic Inc.,)

Patrick Newell (Tokyo International School,TEDxTokyo)

Kogure Taichi (Education Communication Association)

Yuko Sasakawa (Imagine Plus Co. Ltd)

Daisuke Sugiyama (INTERLITERACY® Inc.)

Kuroyanagi D & I Sekiya (Speed Result & AXA Life)

Emi Takemura Miller (Peatix Inc. Co-founder)

Sorato Ijichi (Creww Corporation)

Ebine Tomohito (OPT,Inc.)

Yuji Mizonoguchi (FiNC Co. Ltd)

Asato Ohno (BNI Japan)

Y. Tanimoto (News Castor...)

Koichiro Shimizu (Leading Edge Co. Ltd)


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