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Trenton, New Jersey is the newest Startup Grind chapter! NJ’s capital city is experiencing a renaissance through technology and startups. Come to our chapter and see how #TrentonMakes. Trenton, New Jersey proudly unveils its status as the latest addition to the Startup Grind family, marking a pivotal moment in the city's ongoing technological and entrepreneurial resurgence. As the capital of New Jersey, Trenton is at the forefront of a remarkable renaissance driven by innovation and startup initiatives. The Startup Grind chapter in Trenton invites individuals to witness firsthand the dynamic energy and transformative potential emerging within the city. You may hear some of our members cheering "Trenton Makes!" during our events at times. 

Trenton Makes The World Takes is a slogan that has been associated with Trenton, New Jersey, for many years. It refers to the city's historical significance as a manufacturing and industrial hub, particularly during the early to mid-20th century. The iconic slogan is prominently displayed on the Lower Trenton Bridge. It reflects the idea that Trenton was a productive and industrious city, contributing goods and products that were distributed globally. The phrase carries a sense of pride in Trenton's industrial heritage and its role in manufacturing that impacted a broader audience. While Trenton's economy has evolved over the years, and the industrial landscape has changed, the slogan remains a recognizable and enduring symbol of the city's historical legacy. 

Trenton is now experiencing a renaissance driven by an emerging technology and startup ecosystem. The slogan serves as a reminder of the city's resilience and its ability to adapt to new economic challenges. The initiative to respark the meaning of Trenton Makes The World Takes through a technology and startup ecosystem represents a transformative chapter in Trenton's history. Come and be a part of the change as we make history! 

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Trenton Makes Cohort #1 Interests

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TRENTON MAKES Cohort #1 Interests

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