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APEC University established in 1964 when businessmen, merchants, professionals and men of the church decided to create a non-profit entity. It is one of the biggest promoters of business and educational initiatives in the country.

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  • Joshua Hernandez

    Joshua Hernandez


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  • Fernanda Ramón M.

    Fernanda Ramón M.

    Marketing Coordinator

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  • Perla De los Santos

    Perla De los Santos

    Logistics Coordinator

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  • Paola Aquino Jimenez

    Paola Aquino Jimenez

    Logistics Coordinator

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  • Nicol Infante

    Nicol Infante

    Digital Media Coordinator

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  • Carlos G. Matos Farías

    Carlos G. Matos Farías

    Photography Coordinator

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