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We are a community of entrepreneurs, founders, and builders who come together once a month to be educated and inspired by some of the brightest minds our city has to offer. Startup Grind values are that: We believe in making friends, not LinkedIn connections. We believe in giving more than you take. We believe in helping others before helping yourself. We are truly passionate about helping founders, entrepreneurs and startups succeed. If you would like to learn more about Startup Grind check out or join our community on Facebook or follow us on Twitter Keep grinding!

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Past Events

We are hosting a panel at Startup Grind Europe-Asia Connect

Brain Training: How to accelerate your learning & the future of EdTech

Panel Discussion: Startup Failure Stories & Lessons Learned - Founder, Investor & Legal Perspective

Panel Discussion: Startup Failure Stories & Lessons Learned - Founder, Investor & Legal Perspective

Entrepreneurship and fund-raising in 2020

Panel: "The Growth of One-Person, Million-Dollar Businesses" with Elaine Pofeldt & Apurva Batra

Panel: Is the Future of Code No-Code? A wide-ranging discussion with leading experts in the industry

Derek Andersen (Startup Grind): Building an international community from first customer to thousands

#SGWomen Female Leaders Month + Legal Workshop with a Corona Update for founders

Anna Alex: Could the coronavirus crisis become a leading example in the fight against climate change

Fireside Chat with Mali Baum - CEO of WLOUNGE & MAGDA GROUP, #ImAmagda movement

Navigating the Music Tech Landscape in Europe with all its players

Christoph Räthke - Berlin's "Jack of all trades" - Founder, Investor, Speaker & Mentor for 20+ years

Challenges & Opportunities of Digital Relocation in Germany

Legal MasterClass: Employee Incentive Strategies + Fintech Fireside Chat with Zuper & Target Team

Space Tech and other New Space Explorations: The Sky Is NOT The Limit!

Future of Mobility - Autonomous Driving: Technology, Opportunities & Challenges

Fireside Chat with Fabian Westerheide - Is Artificial Intelligence really eating the world?

We are celebrating Female Leaders Month 2019 #SGWomen

Panel Discussion: The Past, Present and Future of LegalTech in Germany

Doreen Huber, Founder & CEO of LEMONCAT and the new generation of Angel Investor

Dr. Sophie Chung, Founder & CEO Qunomedical - Building a global digital health platform

Jonas Leve, Founder of the 7Mind App - Mindfulness and how meditation can benefit your business

Draper Esprit & Earlybird: Strategic Partnership + Semi-Finals of our 'Are you China Ready' Contest

Panel Discussion: The Future of Fintech - Trends, Opportunities & Challenges

Aya Jaff, Co-Founder & CEO of CoDesign Factory, also known as "Mrs Code" + Fundraising Workshop

Holger Seim - Co-Founder & CEO of Blinkist - How to grow your startup into a global brand

Alexander Artopé - Co-Founder & CEO at smava, Germany's first Fintech

2018 Startup Grind Europe Conference in London

Female Entrepreneurs Month! We welcome Nathalie Sonne from leAD Sports Accelerator

Fireside Chat with Charles Michael Yim, Serial Entrepreneur & Reality TV Star from Silicon Valley

Fireside chat with Alice Bentinck, Co-Founder of Entrepreneur First

Trent McConaghy - BigchainDB Founder and CTO

Ted Persson - Design Partner, EQT Ventures

Tim Schumacher - Serial Entrepreneur (Adblock Plus, Ecosia, TS Ventures)

Steve Bartlett - CEO and co-founder of Social Chain

Nikolas Woischnik - Founder of Tech Open Air, Ahoy! Berlin and Openers

Robin Eric Haak (Entrepreneur and Investor)

Ramzi Rizk (EyeEM)

Jan Bohl (Ableton)

Joana Breidenbach (

Christian Nagel (Earlybird Venture Capital)

Claude Ritter (Founder BOOK A TIGER & Delivery Hero)

Verena Pausder (Founder Fox & Sheep)

Jens Begemann (Founder & CEO Wooga) (Wooga)

Franziska v. Hardenberg (Bloomy Days)

Jörg Rheinboldt (CEO AS Plug Play Accelerator)

Stephan Uhrenbacher (Founder 9flats & Qype)

Andreas Thümmler (Corporate Finance Partners)

Heiko Rauch (Founder Zanox & UFOstart)

Holger Weiss (AUPEO!)

Arndt Kwiatkowski (Founder Immobilienscout24)

Stephan Schambach (Demandware)


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