The Unicorn, Grab, Running Head to Head With Uber. An Interview With Kell Jay Lim

Startup Grind Singapore recently spoke with one of the key people behind the success of ride-hailing app Grab, Kell Jay Lim. As the Country Head of Singapore for Grab, Lim took Grab from being unheard of a few years ago, to having more drivers on the platform than all of Singapore’s taxi companies combined.


Stand Out From The Crowd: Startup Differentiation

In the startup world, there’s always a new idea on the horizon, but for every new idea, there are also dozens of repeats, variations, or companies that already exist. Sure, some are improvements on old ideas, but others are just crowding the market. If you’re occupying one of these crowded corners, such as fintech and social media, differentiating your startup is more important than ever before.


CTOs Are The New Pandas

Ok, so maybe they’re not. They’re not endangered, they’re not that cute, and they definitely don’t have the time to play mascot to anybody’s cause. The analogy is still tempting, however, because finding a CTO seem to be the current “issue” of the global startup trend: founders need them, accelerators like them, and aspiring startup cities are desperate for them to move in.


The Age of Napoleons: Conquerers in Tech

It's no secret that our time in history is unique.


This is why your company needs to think about design

Design is a field that has gained a lot of interest in the recent years. Not only are startups more and more founded by designer founders like the founders of Pinterest, Slideshare and Behance. Also, IDEO and Stanford’s have spread the concept of design thinking throughout the world.

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