Braintree's Founder Talks About Paying $100 for Three Minutes of Your Time

Watch Bryan Johnson’s interview with Startup Grind Chicago and if you don’t like it, we'll give you $100. ​

Ok so you won’t actually get $100 but this is an example of the kind of confidence Bryan has had when talking about solutions he believes add value. When selling payment transaction services in a prior career, he was so confident in his transparent, honest, and useful solution that he offered $100 if after three minutes shop owners didn’t like what he had to say.

He used this method to become the top salesperson out of over four hundred salespeople. During this time he also discovered what he calls the “wonderfully broken industry of payments”. He set out to disrupt this industry by focusing on software and services and created Braintree, acquired in 2013 by Ebay/Paypal for $800 million.

Bryan Johnson’s story is not only about Braintree though. He grew up in small town Springville, Utah and from a young age was innovating how to disrupt “markets”. He created a social graph (before the term even existed) to befriend as many people in school because he genuinely enjoyed interacting with others. At 19, he spent two years in Ecuador as a missionary and saw how the rest of the world lives. He set out to retire at 30 so he could impact the lives of others.

Now, he’s created a $100 million fund to invest in futuristic technologies that are no longer stuff of movies but may happen in our lifetimes such as asteroid mining and life enhancing science that can help us live to 120. Bryan believes that good tech is the best way to help others. Watch the video to learn more about what that means and how he pursues it. 

Also, in case you’re wondering, Bryan not once had to pay those $100.