5 Cloud-Based Services Every Entrepreneur Should Try

Entrepreneur or no, being fully updated on technology is a must today. I mean there is so much going on with new inventions that you can’t just sit there and let it go, or do nothing.

One way to go about this is to try an IT company to meet all your requirements. The Syntex IT Support experts will help you remodel your data, and secure it. But, the other way around is to have an insight as to what you will need and how.

Why Opt For Cloud Computing?

I have thousands of requests and proposals going on and I am able to meet all of them, without losing a single piece. Guess why? I don’t maintain a diary, but yes, I do have my to-do list on hand to not forget or miss anything. But earlier in my business, that was not the case. I had to sometimes triple-check everything, not only for myself, but for my clients and customers too.

Despite having  five virtual assistants, things used to get messy very quickly for me. Then, one day, while visiting a friend of mine, things changed for me. He is an IT specialist. He knew all the ins-and-outs to play it safe with every technology. Now, I had a small business company, and the IT needs seemed like they were not less than any big business out there.

What Were My solutions?

Yes, I had to see it happen. I had to have proof Options were many, but I needed to go for the best. Though, I have worked for more than 72 hours a week there are times, when I too can’t fly to the office just for a small file.

I needed things to streamline quickly. Then, the cloud-based services came to my rescue. So, I gathered up my solutions with a call to the IT Support Company in London to smoothen things out.

It’s Quick And Easy!

I got all the means to boost the support for my company within a weeks’ time. And, that aligned everything with a touch of technology. Being up and beyond my game is very important to me.

I had to get into the thick-and-thin of things. Well, that’s the basics of being successful, is it not? I won't just take you through my joy-ride of what I found. I would like you - as an entrepreneur - to have something special that you can offer to your clients.

Here Is What I've Found

With all this technology, I am not only able to do what I am best at. I am now going to launch my own app and offer my services with a touch of a finger. Other than that, I am able to:

  •        Store, backup and recover my data.
  •        I am able to let my team host websites and blogs.
  •        My team and clients can stream audio and video.
  •        My company offers packages and marketing hacks on demand.
  •        I can analyze data with outlines and make forecasts.

Technology Shift Aids My Resources Better

Like I said, technology is the best weapon to conquer your market, and also to transform your brand. I am able to manage cost and productivity on a global scale without any second thoughts. This helps me to meet the needs of my clients more efficiently.

There are three types of cloud-based services, and depending on your needs, you can choose from:

  •        IaaS - Infrastructure-as-a-service
  •        PaaS - Platform as a service
  •        SaaS - Software as a service

The Best Cloud-Based Apps You Can't Miss

My personal favs have been Google Apps, Skype, and Amazon. Of course, there are more, but I prefer to recommend the best, and the ones I have personally used. Here are the top five I recommend to all.

Google Apps

I know you all are familiar with the mail, docs, and instant messaging. But in cloud-based services, Google has got more to offer. You can choose from a selection of new applications that cover every aspect of online business liberty.

To manage my accounting, I have used Google's App Marketplace. This allows me to select a web-based software which handles my accounting, document management, CRM, and data backup.

But, maybe you don’t need any of these ready-to-use applications. Don’t worry. You can still get a custom Google app, specially designed by an IT company.

Amazon EC2

It is one of the best known cloud-based services.  Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a high-end computing muscle. You get virtual gears on Amazon's Xen-built virtualization podium.

It has been by far the best substitute for computing infrastructure for bonus computing bandwidth. Amazon offers different packages, which are cost-effective with standard windows server.


It costs around 1.2 cents per minute or less sometimes to make any international call, group conference, or even video calls. This helps with virtual office work and virtual assistants who can always reach are always me. We are opting for extending Skype to our PBX via Skype Connect, without any added costs.


One of the best sources of cloud-based services is Savvis. This helps to take care of many things that can be missed. I have recommended and used Savvis for many start-up clients. There is zero downtime for online services and computing infrastructures for B2B clients.

It has helped us to secure and set-up:

  •        Project hosting.
  •        Enterprise - rank content management.
  •        Accomplish e-commerce solutions.
  •        Tackle business connection development.
  •        And, software-as-a-service technology.  

You can also use Savvis' easy-to-use Symphony edge to accomplish extended cloud infrastructure without any doubt.


This is a strong backup-and-storage service with 2GB of free space. This is free, for those who sign-up as a new customer. Other than that, you can also selectively share your files by folder for every different client.

Now, if you look at it, two gigabytes is enough to store crucial configuration files, and documents. For only $9.99 you'll get 50GB space to save data every month. The most accommodating feature of Dropbox is that it goes with most operating systems and mobiles. iPad is able to effectively function with it.

Join The Club!

We are about to close 2017 and move on to 2018. You will want to move your business data to cloud-based services for better and enhanced efficiency. Gone are the days when typewriters or manual entries were considered the only choice. Search cloud-based services and let us know how that service affects your overall performance.