The Next Big Product Development Destination, Pune

You might have heard about Mumbai, Banglore and Hyderabad as outsourcing hubs of India. But Pune has always been that child which gets ignored. Despite it's great potential everyone is busy paying attention to other children. That being said, Pune has been able to stand on it's own two feet for a few years now and is now garnering the serious attention that it has deserved.

The city of Pune, situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra, is rapidly emerging as an important outsourcing hub on the global horizon. It has been thriving the past few years because of its proximity to Mumbai. The urban infrastructure facilities in Mumbai has provided the availability of skilled resources.

According to JLL’s City Momentum Index (CMI) 2017, Pune is the third-fastest growing city in the Asia-Pacific region, after Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

What makes Pune so special ?
1. A large pool of talent.

With nine universities and over 100 educational institutions, Pune has rightly been nicknamed "The Oxford of the East." Pune offers a large talent pool of 650,000 students specializing across various fields. Pune has 526 affiliated graduate colleges and the most number of engineering colleges in India.

Pune also offers an ample availability of skilled resources. Thanks to its large student population. This makes the city a popular outsourcing destination among foreign investors.

2. State of the art IT hubs.

The first IT parks were put up in Pune in the year 2000 to support new IT companies setting up a base in the city. Pune has come a long way since then and now has several IT parks all over the city. Pune hosts around 8-10 major IT parks. All of these parks are equipped with state of the art facilities and seamless connectivity with major destinations across the city.

3. A home to industry leaders.

Over the years, Pune has been inviting foreign software companies, both large and small to set base in the city. Pune is home to leading service providers like WNS, EDS, Convergys, EXL, Infosys, Wipro, Symantec, Microsoft, Amdocs, etc.

As well, it is a home to many industries as well; the popular ones being automotive, engineering and pharmaceutical.

4. Competitive Costs.

Compared to other outsourcing locations, Pune offers low costs  for operations because of ample availability of resources. Rates of good developers are still manageable in the range $15-30/hr. The city also offers affordable real estate properties and a low cost of living which makes it easier to setup operations and attract the top talent.

5. Favorable Government Policies.

The state government's IT policy provides special incentives to the IT industry, thereby making Pune a preferred outsourcing destination in India. The government has also created favorable and business friendly operational policies. The Pune Smart City Development Corporation (PSCDC) has also set up a new subsidiary named ‘Pune Idea Factory Foundation (PIFF)’, to cater to the startup needs of the city.

6. Seamless Connectivity.

Pune is located just 75 kms away from India’s economic capital: Mumbai. The long road jams of Bangalore and its crumbling infrastructure is already challenging it’s position as the Silicon Valley of India. With Pune, proximity is also good with direct flights from NYC and LA

7. Hacker Mindset. 

Being a witness of latest technology trends, an average professional here is always up-to-date with emerging technologies. May it be AR/VR, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things or any cutting edge technology, your resources will always be one step ahead of the curve.

Companies here are highly committed and they really own the work that they do while shouldering the complete responsibility. You would hardly find any company that has failed to deliver the quality output, may it be a product or a service.

Development work is highly focused on design thinking and not just on the product features.

8. Evolving Startup Community.

As per Angel List, Pune is the base for over 1,200 startups. As per an Inc42 report, 72 startups got funded between 2014-2016, with a total amount of $435 Mn. Pune, also outshined in 2016, termed as ‘winter year’ for startup ecosystem, raising over $250 Mn in funds across 45 deals. Pune also has plenty of startup communities and groups which encourage and promote entrepreneurship and provide help & assistance for everyone.

What can you outsource.

Pune is the best Indian outsourcing location to outsource engineering services. The city is famous for product development and research services as well. If you are keen on outsourcing customer support, legal process outsourcing, infrastructure management services, finance and accounting services, application development or product development, Pune is the best option for you.
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